Why EVERY photographer should be using LIGHTROOM!


  1. What is YOUR favourite app to edit photos with? How come?

  2. I want a camera😢😢😢

  3. Why did Matt Dodson send you $15 USD? ( 12:36 )

  4. I wonder if he will ever BUY A RED??!🤔🤔

  5. I have to watch this 3 more times on slo-mo to keep up! This is really good stuff. This is by far your best, most detailed Lightroom tutorial, Peter. PLEASE MAKE MORE LIKE THIS!

  6. You blasted my ears with the music volume. You need to balance the speech volume with the intro music volume.

  7. why do always make such long and unintersting intros

  8. “Posting on the instagram” omg 😮 Ima a die

  9. Using the brush to reduce the sharpness and clarity of backgrounds and make my camera seem far better than it is is my favourite thing ever

  10. AWESOME. Just bought a year subscription to Lightroom and Photoshop. Totally using this….

  11. turned off after 3 minutes waiting for something resembling the title

  12. For future reference, the 4×5 crop is a preset crop option and doesn't need to be entered as a custom crop ratio! Great video Pete!

  13. I edit my photos with adobe lightroom and photoshop.

  14. its not intuitive and not practical….presets are useless as every photo is a photo needing a special editiing. I had a wedding photo series to screen and edit. About 4000 photos, which every single one I had to edit in a diff way, where Presets are useless. And why the hell LT doesn't have a OPEN, like everyone else has….they are the APPLE in the Windoes universe….

  15. Too much of James Coffee Co.

  16. I have a ollympus omd em 10 mark 2 and the raw photos i can't use on lightroom 6

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