Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks : Second Shooting with Tonie Christine Photography VLOG


  1. that was a fun wedding great music i didn't expect those to be the songs they pic lol

  2. yooo, this wedding looked fun to shoot. lol

  3. the whole thing is out of focus… grhhh..

  4. Keep Killing it!! Awesome video

  5. Why is the video from the guy with the osmo so shaky?

  6. 7:00, literally me at every wedding I've ever shot 😂

  7. 8:19 I shot a wedding this weekend, and the officiant even told everyone no phones or cameras, but I still had ass holes doing this. I am never afraid to tap them on the shoulder and put it away. It's our job to photograph, so if anyone gets in our way put them in their place. I had a guy stand in the isle for a 360 degree video, and he almost made me miss the kiss. I shoved him out of the way to get it.

  8. can we get chance a to see what u do in post please

  9. Loving the work fam!!!! Question, Do you ever shoot with your Fuji X-A2 camera? or just use it for Video?
    Also which lens did you primarily use with your D750?

  10. dude how did you get to shoot Brock Lesners wedding?

  11. Thanks for Sharing, how much should you ask if someone is asking you to be a 2nd shooter. is there a % fee or a set amount?

  12. That was amazing thanks 🙂 may you can take a look at my channel some time 🙂

  13. Loving your channel man, appreciate you sharing your craft with us!

  14. You just added ONE to your list of subscribers, thanks for sharing your experience and work. I've watched almost all your videos and wanting more. I like the leather support strap Tanie used to hold her camera. Can please share the name or a link to it?

  15. Hahahahaha cant believe you were getting crunk with them… How unproffesionally entertaining lol

  16. Great VLOG Man! Nice BTS facts. 🙂

  17. When bey came on, I was like 0_o lol. Dope video, keep them coming.

  18. see thats what I wanna do good stuff

  19. Im digging what your doing. Been wanting to start vlogging my weddings and shoots. Can you share what equipment you use for your videos? Also i followed you on instagram and subbed, keep them coming.

  20. Saw this wedding on your snapchat! Keep the vlogs coming… entertaining education is the best kind!

  21. LOVE! So glad I got to have you for the day!

  22. Haha the dancing at the end tho 😅😅😅 pleeaassee make more of these!

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