Wedding and Engagement Poses | The V Up – Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop DVD E502


  1. Great posing STARTS with this FOUNDATION pose: The V UP! Read more about it here:

  2. You are really talented–well done great videos-thanks for that

  3. This is absolute money! Thank you for the posing tips, most excellent! Definitely subbed.

  4. What would make a better tutorial info would be to mention how you are focusing, I think this is missed out in many tutorials, when shooting that 2.8 are you doing single point, a grid, etc? And what is the point of focus, is it her eye or his or where?

  5. I loved that he used inexperienced models. Too often you see photo tutorials, and the model strikes a perfect pose and you see no interaction between the photographer and model. Hearing the photographer point out small details with inexperienced models is a mock photoshoot really eye opening.

  6. This was so very helpful I have my 1st wedding engagement photo shoot coming up soon I will be using these wonderful tips for sure!!! Thanks a bunch <3

  7. I love these poses and how you work! I'm going to use this video as reference for a couples shoot I have this weekend.

  8. Just tried your tips this morning and my daughter and her fiancée were thrilled with the results, thanks!

  9. love pye's tutorials I use the inspiration here for our couples great idea if your pressed for time and have to work quickly cant help noting though there is a slight reddish cast on the final shots ?

  10. Excellent guide. Thank you for these tips!

  11. He missed a great shot when they were laughing at 6:00

  12. question what about the focus point? Do you focus on 1 subject or do you set it to auto focus point?

  13. Idky but this was very useful over other couple posing vids I've seen, Ig u just said it in a way that made sense and actually explained Becasue for some things I don't need explanations I can just watch on mute and pick up but for adult couple posing I was having a hard time getting posing inspiration so this was so helpful and made sense!!!

  14. Brilliant tutorial. Thank you for your time and effort.

  15. Literally laughed along with the couple throughout the video. Lol Great work!

  16. I did not realize that I could remove the tripod collar ring on my lens until I watched your workshops lol

  17. Thank you! Good job and nice looking couple.

  18. thanks a lot. awesome tutorials. migh i ask how to pose a couple in V and Close up posing when She is tallest than the groom …… i am clue less 😰

  19. These 8 min can be done in 2 min only
    Lots of talk for nothing

  20. Beautiful couple! Think I will use these foundation poses to get my couple started today! Thank you for sharing ☺️

  21. I love this tutorial and he obviously did a great job and takes amazing photos! One thing though, and maybe it's just me, but I think the way he has the man put his fingers together makes him look a little stiff. Would it look better having just the thumb out or maybe relaxing the fingers? Or was the way that he did it best.

  22. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I downloaded the free engagement guide just to find out its the best free material I've ever found on the web.. and I've been digging a lot!

  23. 5:28 3, 1, 2, and 3 what is that? LOLLL 😉 😉 😉

  24. Great video! very helpful and very nice work.

  25. Good tutorial. Simple and easy to re reproduce for beginners trying to gain confidence.

  26. With this shallow depth of field where exactly to you focus? On one of their eyes or in between the couple?

  27. Very helpful too btw!

  28. Was that a 70to200mm lense you were using?

  29. They're so cute and you're a great photographer. Really awesome tips thank you for sharing!

  30. i simply do not understand; who kisses each other with thumb on his pocket and hands on her hips …. awkward moment …. :@

  31. i feel i should be paying you for your tips, i feel guilty not giving you something in return, just simplistic,

  32. Simply found myself smiling throughout the video, great tips!

  33. ryan's so gorgeous. haha found this video very helpful 🙂

  34. Great direction from the photographer.

  35. If you like posing and fashion plz go watch some of the videos on the zzopretty channel

  36. So good! I'm doing my first engagement shoot in a couple weeks… nervous!

  37. Good tutorial on posing, good result from the "whisper sweet nothing" trick. The dappled lighting didn't help though, I found Ryan'r red ear a bit of an attention draw.

  38. soo good!!! loved those tipps, i will consider them next time i shoot engagement pictures <3 thanks a lot!!

  39. nice, relaxed and easy. Well Done. Thank you!

  40. Really great stuff. It did seem like you missed some really great candid opportunities, though. Like, when you tell them to do something or crack a joke and they laugh/smile… it seems like you could have made some really nice photos from those beyondthe nicely posed shots you were showing us. Overall, this was super informative. Thanks for sharing!

  41. One of the most useful videos I've seen. With these tips and those in the second video (close-up) you can do wonders with your couples. Thanks a lot for sharing !

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