Video Series for Food Bloggers/Food Blogging/Food Blogs – FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY: ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING


  1. Much appreciation for this video. I am so working to figure this thing out. :)K

  2. hi, mind know what lens are you using?

  3. Subject should be more tasty looking..

  4. You go to great lengths to explain your lighting set up at the beginning but they're hidden! Would be good if we could actually see what you're talking about….

  5. I have this ring tone for my iPhone!

  6. very brief and informative, saved me lots of time

  7. Hi! Where did you get your flat lay backdrop from?

  8. A pillow case placed right on a light source does NOT work as a diffuser. It only absorbs light in this case.
    Making a diffuser the same dimensions as a light source doesn't make sense, especially when the LS is already diffused.

  9. You mention another video with the camera setting but I can't find that. Can you give us some quick tips on settings?

  10. Awesome lighting tips!!! We need to brighten up our sauces so ill be doing this! 😛

  11. can u give name to u soft light . or any help

  12. what are the light boards called?

  13. I took notes and can't wait to use them during my next photo shoot!

  14. This video was very helpful, Thankyou! Please could you do a video on food photography props and backgrounds?

  15. The very important and helpful thing about this video is that we are beeing shown bad examples and not just the great shots, a thing that personaly I have never seen in any other video. Thank you for showing how a bad photo looks in comparison to a good one. 🙂

  16. nice video thanks :), food is one of the most difficult subjects to lighten, somehow I'm never really satisfied with my results but it gets better with practice

  17. thank you very much for your video, it help me a lot ! I'm just start learning to take product shoots can you make more videos for beginners?

    Thank you a lot, greetings from Mexico

  18. thanks for video… very helpful for beginer like me

  19. Thank you so much the video was very helpful

  20. Lowel EGO table top lights are $500 in Australia… Yep $500 for such a tiny thing! Do you have any other alternatives for lights? Thanks!

  21. Any cheaper alternatives instead of the Lowel EGO's light?

  22. putting a t-shirt on the light doesn't diffuse it. It only brings the light intensity down a stop or two..
    The reason being that the lights you are using are already diffused.

  23. This was so helpful and informational! Thank you so much, Megan. I'm also from Minnesota. Woot! Woot!

  24. What is the mat looking thing you're staging on? Looks like it might be vinyl but printed to look like rustic wood? Where can I get one? What should I Google?

  25. Cool Video. What material did you use to cover the Lowel Ego Flourescent lights?

  26. Short and clear, excellent thanks

  27. Thanks for the tutorial !

  28. What a great video, Megan! Thank you for sharing your tips. As a relatively new food blogger, I am always eager to learn more to better my photography skills. I look forward to your future videos! 🙂

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