Understanding Grids – Lighting Tutorial


  1. this is amazing
    really amazing

  2. I keep mixing you up with Matt Granger, JP. Sorry lol. But I like the both of you and your tutorials, helpful in heaps.

  3. That was awesome!! TY ALL 🙂

  4. What were you using to cover the floor with? Where can I vet me one?

  5. The Angry Photographer also has a clear(er) explanation as to what it is actually happening. While this might be an interesting concept, no one is going to shoot mock night rain scenes. It's clearly water dumped on plastic sheeting aka fake. Something more common and practical would have been better.

  6. Amazing work! A great reference for what we can do with lighting. One doesn't need to make such a huge set, but each individual step of this production can be a lesson for a future work!

  7. the honeycomb grid did the very important work for the model face`s lighting.

  8. That is so amazing, I like that bleach effect

  9. What are the lights that you use on the street lights (make and model) I did a search at B&H for "source floor lights" and didn't come up with anything.

  10. Wunderbar !! I love film noir.

  11. Very cool. The image at 6:58 is probably more of what a street light would look like though. I like the idea of shining your strobes down through them, but the angle of the actual light just looks too fake.

  12. Excellent work. Love the noir smoke add 🙂

  13. Thank you, just got a bunch of grids now I know what to do with them. Now the smoke machine 🙂

  14. I'm simply speechless with this intimidating, yet simple lighting setup!😂

  15. I understand the 'degrees' in the grid corresponds to the size of the honeycombs, but what does it mean? how do you come up w the 'degrees'? just confused on the term…

  16. lol. Burning tungsten fresnels upside down. Brilliant!

  17. Are the grid's also called scrims?

  18. I really enjoy the creativeness that you continue to bring out. I enjoy watching you create such a distinctive style of lighting. I love this 40's look.

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