Ultimate DSLR techniques for advanced photographers. (Course Trailer)


  1. What kind of lens is that?

  2. awesome now I wanna sign up!!!

  3. Hi Karl, you're a great teacher but we mortals will never be half as good as you even if we had learnt everything about photography. Keep up the good work. Cheers

  4. love ur work …… you are a artist….. your tutorials making me good photography artist too…..

  5. omg you are amazing ….. I would like work with you ……. I don't care that's unpaid… I can carry bags hahahaha

  6. Great stuff and techniques but I think the modelling shots and poses are a bit dated for today's look.

  7. Already have it and it's a great course!  

  8. Which gradual filters to you use?

  9. Just bought this but I can't figure out how to download it!

  10. Awesome video! Such an inspiration

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