Ultimate Beginners Guide to Drones and Quadcopters


  1. Thanks for the great video. I’m new to the hobby so I will definitely keep these tips in mind when I get my drone flying.

  2. Never place your drone on the bare ground.. Use a landing pad or a flat clean clear of debris surface.

  3. Well done. I can tell from other videos that many people are using drones dangerously.

  4. U look like the WWE baron corbin

  5. Is one of the sticks for turning the camera?

  6. Question,. I just bought a drone (quad) and it tells me to find a wifi signal it lists so I can fly in real time and record But it that WiFi signal never came up?? Had it for a day and it still never came up??

  7. you should have label the title as 'Ultimate guide for Dji phantom'

  8. very informative, handsome presenter too..

  9. Now show the beginners ,on the lessexspensive drones,like my new syma x20

  10. Kyle you should start ur video with " Mr. Anderson ".

  11. how high can this thing fly?

  12. Can please some one tell me what the name of the drone is? PLEASE!!!!!

  13. Thanks for all the information great being guide.

  14. hi. can you expain me the reason why i use HTC M8 like you did, but the GPS signal is always within 10 and 12. and it's never been more than 12 at all even i play it at a massive and airy area.

  15. Great tutorial. Thank you.

  16. CaseyNeistat should have watched this

  17. You suggest avoiding bodies of water–can I ask why? Seems like I've seen drones over water.

  18. Really liked this video! I will be getting me a Mavic Pro this winter. Never flown a quadcopter before so videos like this are really helpful. Thanks! (thumbs up)

  19. Great beginners guide. Well done Kyle.

  20. Great guide to start. Wish I had viewed this before starting. Oh, well on to my 2nd drone.

  21. ……. and avoid flying over alligator ponds and military bases.

  22. It sucks for me. I live right near Sydney International Airport (so planes every minute) and have to drive a kilometer out just to get a safe to fly message)

  23. you don't need a number for registration

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