Two Light Executive Portrait – Photography & Video Tutorial


  1. A little scary to see wind-catching softboxes on extended light stands on top of the roof with NO SANDBAGS to secure them! Yikes

  2. What a pile of total bullshit man.
    Overexposed sky's throughout. Just dreadful.
    Funny that you get it nailed it in the picture of you jumping.

  3. yeahh, let these bankers know who is in

  4. Why is there a triangle graphic with an eye at the start of the video?

  5. Question: If you were to go with high speed sync and no ND filter and lower the f-stop to get a shallow depth of field, would that have required some extra setup and changes in settings too much or can it be done easily?

  6. This was a great instructional video.  !!What lens did you use ? Only one lens or several. It looked like you were using a wide angle lens.

  7. Incredible narrative and showcase, thanks for the tutorial !

  8. lol the best shots were the ones you took of yourself.

  9. JP, I"m inspired by your videos. Do you give workshops? If so do have a schedule for this year? I'd love to attend.

  10. nice work, and so typical of a shoot!

  11. your right…the background not soft enough in many of the images……….the dome structure looks like another head in some of the shots……why didn't you fix it in post ?.

  12. Very useful vid, and your humor is simply great!! Subscribed!!

  13. Hello, can i plaise know what is the name of the shoulder strap you use with your dslr plaise ? thank you.

  14. Man want a photographer fantastic photos great job

  15. Hey whats up with the hard vignetting on your pics?

  16. and he changed to canon 70-200 L on the fly lol

  17. did he throw up a little at 6:18? (I think it's called a verp.. Vomit+ burp)

  18. HI…How many ISO, Aperture and Shutterspeed???

  19. Like your helpful videos! What Lens do you use for your Glidecam-Shots? Wide-Angle?

  20. any 1 else notice the illuminate sign?

  21. Great informative video, thank you!

  22. Aren't you afraid of looking directly into the sun though a light bundling system when taking these shots?

  23. Never put your clients on the edge of a building roof.

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