Tips for Bookstagram Beginners


  1. I made a video about the best apps for Bookstagram, if you're looking for some apps!

  2. I book blogged back in 2008 so I have A LOT of books I got for review; I moved a lot over the last 5 years so I buy ebooks or I borrow from my elibrary! But my bf lately has been buying me books cause I'm having trouble falling in love with books lately.

    Bookstagram is such a new monster to those of us who've been book blogging and it's so discouraging because people have awesome photos and I'm like WHAT HAPPENED TO READING WORDS ON A BLOG 😭😭😭😭! So yeah I'm struggling lmao!

    I was just telling my bf how I had to pay $150/week for my health insurance then to SEE my therapist for like 3 mins every 3-4 weeks was $30 THEN my medication which was only good for 4 weeks at a time was another $80!!! Like WHY IS MENTAL HEALTH SO EXPENSIVE! It's insane!

  3. Thanks for the tips! They are very helpful. I have a quick question what would be considered and unpopular hashtag a few hundred or thousands? What would you recommend?

  4. i love books and i love bookstagram ! 🙂 i always lookin for ways to make my book pics look nice : ) x hugs

  5. Library helps a lot to get multiple books … I need to do it once I pay my fee. I would love more bookstagram vids I just subscribed to you and just started my insta it's @theatreloverbooknook Check it out if you like. Oh also how did you start being able to get more books ?

  6. This is so practical! I love Bookstagram.

  7. I love this! ❤️ Just a while ago, I’ve been obsessing how my bookstagram don’t even have a them like others, and your opening was like “don’t worry about a theme”. 😊😊 I’ve been enjoying reading ever since I was young but it is only recently that I decided to invest in the community, specifically in Bookstagram.

  8. Omg you are advices are so cool! I just started bookstagram and I am going very well. But I am definitely guilty of using too many hushtags, so I will definitely try to minimise them.

  9. Great videos! I just subscribed. I love Science Fiction, Feminism and YA books. 🙂 Had never heard of Bookstagram. Ya learn something new every day.

  10. Such a good video! @constant_reader_

  11. I really enjoyed watching this video. Bookstagram is so fascinating to me! I'm totally with you on the privilege of having books to take photos of, especially when other things take priority. Thank you for the tips 🙂

  12. If you want to take pictures of more books without spending as much money, you can get them from the library (I actually think this makes a really cool picture…makes the book more interesting). Or if you want to own more books for cheap you can try…they often have really good books, even bestsellers, for really cheap, both soft and hardcover. 🙂

  13. Hey guys my best friend and i started our bookstagram about month ago and wed love for some support so please go follow @twocityreaders

  14. Thanks this video was awesome! I am new to booktube and IG and I appreciate the tips

  15. This was so helpful! I'm not sure I'll ever join bookstagram because I'm not good at taking pictures and I had in fact no idea you had to edit them, so now I'm even less keen to join, but who knows XD Maybe I'll give it a try at some point. I do like taking photos, they're just not professional-looking haha. XD

  16. Thanks for talking about this. People taking photos of books doesn't really interest me but watching their videos here and seeing how passionate they are about books is fascinating! Waddles off to somewhere in bookland!

  17. Bookstagram is beautiful haha. I am ok with using lots of hashtags, but irrelevant ones drive me nuts. I love searching them and when I see photos that have nothing to do with it I get so annoyed. IG is good about the emoji comments now. If you leave the same comment on like 3 photos or more it wont let you and tell you that you are spamming hah, which I am so happy for.I hate the way IG formats the photos now. I wish it just showed all my followers photos in my feed.

    Great tips!

  18. Girl, your thumbnails and lighting and visuals are all just so stunning 😍
    Great video! 🌻

  19. Thank you for these tips. I had no idea about pods, I'm going to have to look into that. 😁

  20. Bookstagram is the BEST, I'll always love being a part of that community

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