The Frog Vlog: Doll Cell Phone Photography Tips & Tricks | Low Light Photo Shoot in the City


  1. The poster puddy is so smart!! I need to start using that!

  2. I like how at the end when you found the bright light with the bikes at the alley way. There's a white brick wall like you have for your doll themes. Example…dressing room, gym locker, backgrounds etc… Cool tips 🙂

  3. Iv always wanted to take creative photos of my dolls but I get scared and shy when everyone looks at me

  4. I 💗 the pics🐢🐸👍🦄😍😘😝☺😀 Great choices

  5. I am binge watching these photo tips, I started a YouTube channel for my dolls and I'm about to start a instagram for them and who better to learn from then the best. As always great video 🙂😎😁

  6. Cool you are in Australia

  7. plz don't drop Sophie of the bridge plz plz don't drop her

  8. You are so helpful in life! I have over 50 dolls ! And this is the best channel ever! I am going to try that! Love you ❤️ 😍!

  9. This is going to be me just with 18'' dolls holding the doll is great idea so they don't get stolen while you try to take a photo or get dirty I see lots of outdoor doll photography stuff and didn't want to do it with my dolls because of the spray chemicals to prevent weeds that pretty much everyone uses or get the dolls stolen

  10. this might seem weird, but I love star wars so much that I customise dolls to look like the characters. can you give me any tips for sci-fi like pics? thanks ~stephenie <3

  11. I Iike to use clear, reusable glue dots to help my doll's hold things. They're less noticeable than poster putty if some seeps out around the object.

  12. Can i use this (well some) of this on plushies?

  13. I LOVE the music it reminds me of Aphmau

  14. This video would be perfect if my phone camera wasn't 💩!

  15. I realized she used some of the songs aphmau used

  16. I love your channel and you are my favorite !

  17. Are you in Australia I live in Australia to

  18. Please upload Dizzy's Curl Up & Dye part 2
    Waiting for it impatiently !!!

  19. Great video me and my sister are your biggest super fans we watch all of your videos and one day we hope we can make great videos like you. You are a big inspiration to us. 😊

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