Studio lighting tutorial: Understanding color and white balance |


  1. Grey card image you used for this video has been light contaminated. You can improve the color from the camera AWB color cast problems, but, never be able calibrate the on-site color correctly. There is a new WB tool, Directivity White Balance Filter, can do the WB almost perfectly under all kinds of photo scene. Check it out.

  2. Rather misleading explaination of custom white balance. Holding a small card in front of the subject won't give your camera an accurate white balance as the colour cast is still visible to the sensor.
    The method demonstrated here can only be used if you're using photo editing software such as Adobe Lightroom or a Camera Raw Converter, where the grey card can be selected with an 'Eyedropper Tool', and that specific area of the image can then be set to correct the colour temperature.
    To use the technique demonstrated here, a larger grey card would have to be used and the shot taken with the whole of the card filling the frame.
    That image may then be used to set a custom white balance within the camera.
    Don't think I'd sign up to this course. Very sloppy teaching.

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