Studio Lighting Deconstructed: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace


  1. Very informative, thank you.

  2. Thank you so very much! This is great! God bless you! 😊

  3. Wahoo, jolie la demoiselle…. excellente vidéo !!!!!

  4. Didn't hear a thing only saw the sweat or grease stain on your shirt!

  5. A well explained video.
    Very helpful for the beginners.

    Thanks a lot.
    Looking forward for more exciting videos.

  6. Massively helpful and informative video, Mark, you are the best! Cheers!

  7. Very good video. But Mark, please, watch that stain in your shirt.

  8. Goodness me. This is just brilliant Mr Wallace! This just explains and teaches me just what I need for studio lighting. Thank you.

  9. Excelent video. Congratulations.

  10. If you are in a room with fluorescent office lights just above your model, do you turn the fluorescent lights off or do you kill them with increasing shutter speed or f-stop on your camera so they don’t affect the ambient light and the colour of your pictures? It is just that my grey background was not grey….like it should have been…and I did not know if I should have turned them off (my camera was on auto white balance by the way…)

  11. Great video. Especially like the top view drawings and the drone part. Great way to explain how to place and set up lights.

  12. Thanks Mark for your amazing videos! I have learned so much thanks to you!

  13. When I saw your thumbnail I thought you had color-graded Niki, but since you are your regular color she looks golden. I've never seen a golden person before; is that makeup or is she really that color? Looks interesting!

  14. Great video, a real masterclass. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  15. hey mark…. when is your next trip to India?

  16. Hello!! I'm inspired by ur videos i want to become fashion photographer if u agree my suggestion I wanted to work with you AND AM RAVI FROM INDIA……

  17. Mark, fantastic as always. Can you make a video on the best height of the camera for various portraits in relation to the subject, IE, head, body, bust, or multiple subjects, ect..

  18. Great stuff Mark, Thanks

  19. Great video as always. Probably the simplest and best demonstration I've watched on this topic. How small a room can you use to set this up?

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