Sony a6500 Custom Settings Guide


  1. 👇Products Mentioned/Recommendations👇
    ✅ Sony a6500:
    ▶Recommended Kit Lenses:
    ✅Sony 16-70mm (Travel Friendly):
    ✅Sony 18-105mm (Video Oriented):
    ✅Sony 10-18mm (Great VLOG lens):
    ✅Sony 55-210mm (Budget Zoom):
    ▶Budget Prime Lenses:
    ✅Sigma 30mm F1.4 (Very Sharp Prime):
    ✅Sony 50mm f1.8 OSS (Budget Friendly):
    ✅Sony 85mm f1.8 (Affordable 85mm):
    Recommended Accessories:
    ✅SD Card I Recommend for Video:
    ✅Screen Protector:
    ✅Budget Friendly Batteries:
    Recommended Budget Flash
    ✅Small External TTL Flash:
    ✅Medium External TTl HSS Flash:
    ✅Full Size External TTL HSS Flash:
    Audio Gear:
    ✅Best VideoMic:
    ✅Budget VideoMic:
    ✅Best Wireless Lav:
    ✅Budget Wireless Lav:

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  2. I just got a comica mic and when I did a test to see if it was any different from the in body mic sound I did not notice a difference. Did I have to change some camera settings to get it to work properly?

  3. 2:47    Adobe RGB  good for the edit process.

  4. Another great video, thanks.
    I'm finding that I can't really improve on the jpegs that this camera produces by shooting raw and then editing. Am I not using a good enough raw converter or are the jpeg files just so good that they can barely be improved?

  5. Thanks man. This video is helpful.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to do this video. I have moved over from a Canon 5D and it’s really useful. Keep up the good work, very much appreciated.

  7. hey , is it possible to change the orange menu colour?

  8. Hey bud. I'm having an issue where when connected to wireless remote, I can't change the settings like shutter, iso, aperture. Thought it was the app so I even tried qdslrdashboard and same thing. I'm assuming it's some kind of setting issue? Have any ideas?

  9. Thank you so much this saved me so much time

  10. Super Helpful. Thank you sir!

  11. @that1cameraguy and anyone that knows the answer. Hello, i shoot video and i use manual a lot. i was wondering if anyone knows why my iso starts at 800 when I use PP7: S LOG 2. The lens that im using currently is a 50 mm 1.8 canon lens and sigma 18- 35mm 1.8 ef-s. I also use the metabones t smart adapter V to connect it it to my a6500. ive tried using auto iso and changing the iso's minimum lower than 800 with no success.

  12. Hey Dude, it's really nice but pretty hard to follow ! Try a little bit slowly ! Could help. Thanks

  13. hi i got a6500 how i can get 120fps because on the setting just 100fps max?

  14. Thanks for the suggestions! Very useful indeed!  My A6500 video

  15. How to do you set up your A6300 just like in this video (the camera facing you)?

  16. In drive mode a6500 my continuous hi shot I only have low is there something i meed to have on or off thank you?

  17. Hey! great video as always! 2 questions. 1. Would you back button focus the a6500? 2. how do you set up back button focus to the AF/MF button?

  18. I'm a little confused with the touch panel options. I have mine set to Touch Panel + Pad. I'm using a 14mm AF Rokinon lens. When I tap the screen to focus, I'm getting a little finger icon at the top of the screen and then it says Focus Cancel at the bottom of the screen and it's not focusing.

  19. I HATE THIS CAMERA… IT IS A PIECE OF CRAP!!  Can't believe that it cost $2k and it's just useless…  I've always loved Sony camera's but this one – is just junk!!

  20. What about AF/MF & AEL dial which to keep on for the most part?

  21. just got mine not too long ago..really appreciate walking me thru sonys menu labyrinth 🙃

  22. Hello! Thx for guide! But I have one question: Why do you switch off SteadyShot in camera?

  23. Extreem wel done video, I needed to use the pause button a lot 😉 thanks !


  25. how do you factory reset the cam?

  26. Thanks, very helpful. Your comments about setting up the Sony to be familiar to a Canon shooter hit home. I'm a Sony noob here, I am so used to my 40D as I've had it since the day it was launched, shot three plus years of a Photo a Day project way back when. I was out this evening trying to get a sunset with the a6500 and spent minutes fumbling around trying to find the bracket function the trying to figure out how to set it. Decided I needed a bit more familiarization with the menu and the setup.

  27. Thanks for my discovery of your videos, they are very much informative. Although your reference camera is Sony a6500 I've been referring yours to my Sony a7r…and it works. Sample image relative to settings helps me a lot…..

  28. you rock thank you! just bougght my camera a few days ago and this set up was perfect

  29. Can you give me the link of your video where you explain the custom settings for slow motion?

  30. Thanks for your time in making this video. I, too, just got my camera and your hitting the highlights of the setup functions was perfect — especially since Sony isn't providing a hardcopy guide and I find the PDF really, really annoying!

  31. why does my image size only go up to L:20M? Doesn't it go up to 24? What did I do wrong XD

  32. Thanks for the video review

  33. How is the screen in high sun? I used the 6300 and couldn't see a thing and set to bright.

  34. Color schemes: doesn't Light room edit in Pro photo? So don't I want to have camera in Adobe RGB so it is closer to Pro Photo?

  35. I cannot explain, how I'm really happy to find this video. As a new one to Sony a6500, your video helped a lot. I appreciate it, thanks a lot!

  36. você não falou sobre a saída Hdmi 🙁

  37. Can you provide the link to the video about customizing Movie 1 & 2 on the dial? For jumping from "normal", to "slow mo" for example. Thank you.

  38. that was helpful. thanks

  39. Hey there, I was wondering what is the recommended S & Q settings for just normal recording without Slow or fast motion for 4k shooting.

  40. Thank you so much for this !

  41. HI, you haven't mention on your video anything about 4k output capabilities. I'm trying to use this camera with an external 4k recorder (odyssey 7Q) but I'm having problems, the 4k output is disable on the camera and I don't find a way to enable it. any suggestions?

  42. Hey @that1cameraguy
    ?:maybe you can help me out.. is there any i can approach either the menu or the Fn menu trow customized buttons
    for insistence, set my menu to be the play button or the trash button? thanks

  43. really appreciate you taking the time to do this. very helpful.

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