Smartphone Photography: Taking Better Photos with Your Phone


  1. In my case I use a external roadeavour lens. Great vid!

  2. I wanted a program to help me organize and edit the best of them. So, I was pleased at the opportunity to try this program, even though I thought it might be overkill for what I wanted. It is. As a beginner, there s a lot to learn and I did not find it easy to just jump right in and get going. The work space is clean and nicely organized, but there's a ton of stuff you can use. Fortunately, there are a couple of very nice guides online for download, including a tutorial. It is certainly more than what I wanted, but once I understand the how-to of the program, I'm sure I'll find more of it useful and fun.

  3. As a keen amateur photographer, I thought that this was very informative. I have always been curious about mobile photography and just what could be achieved with it.

  4. I always forget to clean the lens when I'm in a hurry. I just claim that I was going for a Gaussian effect.

  5. OK I agree with most things said here but I'd rather shoot no filtres and then edit to b/w as esp as a photographer it means you can edit the shot but also have a colour one too

  6. Can anyone share tips how to blur background? I really want it without editing.

  7. Great video. Awesome tips!!! I really appreciate it

  8. Beautiful photos!!! Thanks for excellent presentation!!

  9. did anybody else wipe their camera lens after tip #4?? xD

  10. Thanks for the tips..👍👍

  11. Very helpful tutorial. Thank you 🙂

  12. please don't take pictures with your tablet.

  13. what about tablet photos? Can you add a tutorial on this please?

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