Shooting for black and white photos – A Quick Photo Guide.


  1. plz tell me how to click black and white photos in 80D… setting?

  2. Absolutely brilliant sir. And that music IS Karl Taylor haha.

  3. Hi Karl,

    Is it still available to have discount for squarespace?

    Thank you in advance

  4. Cheers Karl! I was wondering what steps to take to acclimate your gear when taking it in and out of extreme weather changes (AC to hot humid, heated to frigid, etc.) Do you use plastic bags, silica gel, or such?

  5. would be great if you give some info about the settings and the lens you used

  6. Great shot! I'm not sure why all the dislikes. Only thing I can think is that it seems that half of this video is an ad for other things. Regardless it's still a great shot and valid points!

  7. We get the same kind of atmosphere up here in Canada in the winter, gray skies. Inspirational!

  8. Are using a 5diii or 1 dx?

  9. Karl, I see you shot around saltwater a lot. Do you prep your equipment in anyway and what do you do (maintenance-wise) with your gear, back home, after the shoot? Rich

  10. That was a great shot. Thanks for sharing

  11. in my city right now we have one of the clearest sky in the world

  12. love your videos! I might buy one of your courses soon

  13. Why don't you use Live View to compose your shot?

  14. Great work as usual, Karl. Dramatic looking picture.

  15. + karl taylor dat was Osum sir! .. I really appreciate ur work! .. 😊

  16. Your intro is amazing. Best squarespace advertising I've seen so far.

  17. A guide on how you edited this photo would be great!! 👍🏻

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