Second Life Streaming – Photography Tips by Strawberry Singh


  1. Thank you everyone for watching, participating and for all the encouraging comments. I have blogged about it with detailed style credits:

  2. how do i get the photshoot tool

  3. Perfect instructions, you are amazing. 😉

  4. Strawberry Singh – I wanted to get into photography on SL. What do you recommend as far a studio. And can you clarify what backdrop is? thank you again

  5. Looks at your lindens…. Oh c:

  6. Hi +Strawberry Singh, VERY interesting tutorial ! What i'm wondering is how do you move your view like that, i use the normal FS camera control and i hate it, cuz i work in Blender and Sketchup and i find them easier to work for the freedom of movements, you seem to have that in FS too, how do you do it, beside the CTRL 0… i hope my question is clear ;O> Thanks !

  7. I did learn something… several things in fact….I hadn't realised you had so much control of lighting in Second Life…Many thanks…Laurie (Wirimu Dale SL)

  8. Thank you for sharing this beginning tutorial. So many photo options!

  9. Thank you for the photography tips and your previous tutorials! They have been really helpful to me as a photographer.

  10. Hi I love you're videos and photos so much it's off subject I know but I was wondering if you're shape and ao are made by you or are they from somewhere? great video!

  11. If you can rez a light projector you have more control over the shadows etc. and light on your avatars face. If you aren't allowed to rez an object then log in with an alt and attach the projector to the alt. Make sure the alt is using an animation that keeps them absolutely still so the light is drifting around. Make the alt invisible if you have to. Especially effective if recording video rather than photos due to avatar movement you don't get that "car driving down a street" effect when using attached facelights. Video worked well considering how much data is being streamed.

  12. Great video 🙂 thanks for sharing

  13. Many thanks, Berry! I picked up a thing or two I didn't know here about WindLight usage.

  14. Thank you Berry 🙂 This was great!! Any and ALL photo tips are wonderful and highly appreciated by you!

  15. What are your menu settings? Like do you have High-Res Shapshot enabled in Advanced? What other settings do you have that would make the pix look best? Thanks ;o}

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