Safari & Travel Photography TIPS – Long lens shooting in Africa with Tamron 150-600mm


  1. Hi guys. LOVE the video Matt. I'm based here in Nelspruit close to the Kruger National Park. Lenses for the most part is expensive, but I have found a place which enables me to rent when I go into the Kruger and they are very helpful, thought I should just share .

  2. Excellent video. Just what I wanted to hear

  3. Please tell us about the max distance that this lens can make clear pictures? What about a kilometer far?

  4. @Matt What about wildlife? Say you are using anamorphic lenses and doing video and you only have 65mm, 85mm and 100mm? Should you tell the driver to get closer to the lions? That might result in a missing limb, lol.

  5. A good tip is have a shower cap that goes over the lens hood, this is easier to put on and take off. I find the lens cap fiddly at times.

  6. A speed light such as an SB910 with a flash extender using a tele will help in backlit situations on safari. It will require some technique, but is an effective option that has worked for me.

  7. Thank you. I planning now, beyond Safari component, I never had the sense of the background.

  8. Hi, great shots and well done video. A couple of questions, do you ever set the shutter speed and then use auto ISO so get the ISO to give your the set shutter speed. Also, good information, tip on the plastic bag & blower but do you ever clean the sensor in the field if so, what equipment do you use for that task. Just got the Sigma 150×600 Sports to mate with my Canon 7D. Thanks

  9. I never knew Matt was such a great wildlife photographer!

  10. 0:40 can he go one episode without something sexual?

  11. Very helpful video and beautiful photos! I got the Sigma Contemporary 150-600mm for a trip I will be taking to Africa. What lense would you recommend I bring to accompany the Sigma? I will be staying for 5 weeks and taking not just wildlife shots but a bit of everything including night/astrophotography, portraits, villages, landscapes.. I don't want to bring too much gear so will ideally just have 2 lenses or at most 3. I was thinking the 24-70mm f2.8 would do nicely as a versatile all-rounder – Any recommendations from someone who has been there?

  12. I just haven't found any of the truly long zooms I have used to be satisfyingly sharp. I use two bodies to get around this and while it takes slightly longer to switch than to change the zoom I have found it to be worthwhile for my shooting.

  13. +Matt Granger Actually, when cropping the compression is the same, only the depth of field changed.

  14. For a second I thought she had a fly in her hair! I'm glad that you managed to exclude the trash cans from the background, however, I'm glad that the park is well maintained!

  15. I have been considering the 600 zoom lens for a while now. Your demonstration with Irene was very enlightening and helpful. The shots of Africa wildlife and people are outstanding and I would love to see them all! Thanks for the tips Matt 🙂

  16. Would you recommend the Tamron 150-600mm, or rather the Sigma 150-600mm ?

  17. Great video Matt, been experimenting with some long(ish) lenses on both of my Canons, 1 crop and 1 FF, the differences are very interesting…..

  18. Hi Matt. Regards from Romania. Nice tips. Please walk us through your gear for this trip. For instance, I am Canon shooter and coudn't tell if the Tammy 150-600 was on FF or APSC. Also I got the impression you were shooting with two bodies. Would care to elaborate on that? Many thanks for a great video.

  19. Excellent review matt once again .please come down to india u ll be my guest . there are many wildlife sanctuaries here also bro.enjoyed n learnt a lot thx once again

  20. Just removed you from snapchat. I like your videos and youtube chanel but you were the most boring person i ever had on snapchat so sorry.. 😂 no one wants to see your asian food all day 😂

  21. Whats the extended eye piece your using there Matt? great video 🙂

  22. How could you overlook the bin in almost all the shots in the park?

  23. Terrific example of the effect of zooming! Good tips on shooting game, too, and some nice images to boot.

  24. lovely dumpsters in the background

  25. MAN! Are you a good photographer! I know you've probably taken hundreds of shots, and we're seeing just the cream, but still this is amazing. And that's a word I don't use too often. I wish I could give this video a thumbs up for every picture.

  26. Cheers Matt. Terrific vid.

  27. Hey Matt, If i use this 150-600mm lens on Monopod should i be turning off the VR/IR? or would it better with it?

  28. 6:03 a 200mm shot croped to 600mm is 1/9th of the size not 1/3rd

  29. One question Matt. did you use your Nikon 200mm f2 whilst there?

  30. love that video. great tips. some fantastic photos. makes me want to book a Safari tomorrow

  31. damn the lion shot!

  32. What camera were you using?

  33. Great information. I may not be able to travel to Africa at the moment, but when I do have the funds, I'll definitely keep this video in mind. Thanks Matt!

  34. With that lens you could have stayed in Africa and shoot her while she is in Australia hehehehe
    Excellent !!!

  35. Great photos!!! I'm about to go on safari in Africa and bought the tamron 150-600mm especially for it. Your video made me v happy it was a good choice. Thanks +++ for the tips about the plastic bags etc.

  36. some nice shots there Matt

  37. Matt, I'd like to see you do a comparison between an MFT camera with say, the Panasonic 100-300 or 100-400, (assuming a zooms-only comparison), against a full-frame with the Tamron 150-600. For travel, esp with longer focal lengths, MFT is just SO convenient. I wonder just how much IQ a person would really give up with MFT.

  38. That lion shot was so Granger, lol.

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