Real Estate Photography Tutorial for Beginners: How To Enhance Your Interiors Portfolio


  1. I just went to your website and really enjoyed it all! Your blog about specialized photography made a big impact on me. It seems that my specialty ( going simply by the homes I get hired to shoot) is " too dark for a realtor to deal with." 😂😊 I think I may focus my advertising in this direction, but I will also need to boost my flash equipment. Any suggestions for a semi- budget friendly strobe?? Or can I simply stick to multiple external flashes? So far I have shot two huge lodge-style homes that were REALLY dark, and had vaulted ceilings to boot. I think a good strobe my ease my struggles.

  2. Never had the need ever to go into Photoshop. Lightroom works. I guess I'm crazy. I just adjust speed and aperture for highlights and shoot at an ISO that allows for hand held and set flash for I-TTL. Works every time for beautiful image with just a few seconds in Lightroom. Hand held gives the exacting perspective for a great look. I think some real estate agents can do all of this stuff without need for professional photographer, unless, of course, if they see a video like this that suggests an absolute need for Photoshop. This could discourage them since Photoshop takes some time, as well as desire to learn. Hmm, maybe the idea of discouraging the real estate agent is the idea. Then, the pro gets the business.

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