Q&A | Tips for Beginners in Photography, etc


  1. could you do lightroom tutorials?

  2. Boru itu cewe marga cowo.kenapa kakak ga buat boru kakak menempel sama nama.ngeri kali kakak ini masak kalo ga salah,segitu ga taunya kah kak?kalo batak biasanya marga sama borunya ngikutnya nama mereka mau di manapun,raport,kartu keluarga semua.jadi kakak ga pake boru itu?😁😁 kayak aku marga girsang batak simalungun

  3. what app do you use in your mobile photography video? please tell me! thank you!

  4. seeumuran sama agung hapsah kak?

  5. AAAAAA Itu Rupi Kaur manteb😂😂👌
    btw get well soon kakk!!

  6. i cannot believe you're 17. i'm 10 years older than you but i can see you're maturer (is it the right word?) than me.

  7. hey, do you ever feel like you want to go on vacation without holding big cameras like dslr and just lay down enjoying the view ? and just using your phone camera or no camera at all.

  8. Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  9. you make me laugh when you said "don't ask me about Mr. Hapsah or someone will get angry", i know what you mean, lol. i'm gonna go to bali by the end of january, can we meet? i really wanna take a picture with you because i'm a huge fan of your! get well soon 🙂

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