Portrait Photography Tutorial For Beginners | Fashion Portrait Lighting Mola Setti Beauty Dish


  1. Hey Craig really enjoying your videos, and am looking forward to learning from all your new material.

  2. Hey Craig, nice video, I see that Mola finally sent you that Setti after all lol, I had that same set up but I finally sold my c stand and got an avenger 1035 that accepts wheels.

    How far did you placed the dish from the model? And can you please clarify why the inverse square law makes the backdrop appear lighter by being further away? I thought that the inverse square law that could apply here would be a larger light source spreading more light into the backdrop. If the subject is close to light and far away from backdrop, wouldn't this create a dramatic fall off? Making the backdrop appear even from side to side but still dark?

  3. there are so many videos about 1 lighting photography,outdoor or studio but there is so few for these whos low on cash.Are u good enought for a challenge?lets say canon 550d and a canon 50mm 1.8 II + canon 430 / yongnuo 430 flash. That would be both fun and entertaining. Atleast think about it.Cheers 🙂

  4. Thanks, Very nice !!
    Are you beginning to see that swivel handle a new version?
    Looks like a very convenient structure.
    When will I receive a low current purchase Setti swivel handle?

  5. How was blooming the setti? Difficult?

  6. Awesome video, you nailed the lighting, great pics and I love the gown and hair as well

  7. Really really good stuff Craig! Thanks for sharing.

  8. One light fashion portrait lighting tutorial using a Mola Setti: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AW9lFdWqg7A

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