PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS + TRICKS | 50mm natural light outdoor session


  1. can I take portraits like these with 50mm 1.8

  2. OMG photographer is prettier than the model .

  3. You're so funny! I love your personality

  4. U mean everywhere in the US. LOL Or Europe.
    here there's only deserty ugly views.

  5. awesome tips😁 super helpful

  6. How to get that soft look in the pictures? Is that the editing she does or what settings for that?

  7. Do you think 50mm 1.4 is better than 1.8 one?

  8. Jessica, It is very nice that you gave the "people" what they wanted with the setting but as you and I both know settings can change constantly. so giving the setting really does not help them but I thank you again for doing it. 🙂 you are a very nice person.

  9. If I was the person who was posing, I would love to have the photographer touch or fix it my hair. I would also love if the photographer tells me specifically on what they want me to do on my posing and my angles. No matter how long it will take to make it perfect. I want my photos to look elegant. I trust the photographer on what they are doing. 🙂

  10. amazing video! you are a great photography blogger! the way you 'see' the shot before you actually do it is absolutely fantastic! 😍👍🏻

  11. just wondering that why every pic you take, you let so much space above the head. is that your style?

  12. you're so cute Jessica. I was smiling the whole video. Thanks for the tips! loved your video.

  13. Hi Jessica, Love your videos!!! Can you tell us if you use Manual, Auto, back focusing??? Thank you girl!!

  14. Jessicas eyebrows are on fleak!!

  15. How and where do you print your pictures

  16. i love the fact that you shoot in "Live View" frequently which is something i feel photographers these days dont do

  17. Jessica & Jessica…cute video

  18. so glad I found your channel. I have been trying to follow more photographers

  19. Beautiful session! You got the gift to make the models feel so cool around you:) good vibes!

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