Photriya Photography Tutorials-3-Outdoor Lighting and Techniques


  1. Nayana edhi 4 years iendi petti update cheyyandi sir

  2. Photography tutorials chai va anna

  3. Thank you brother
    Good information …..

  4. hai bhya very nice video clean nd cleraty ga chaptunaru thank you and nenu 5d mark iii teskovali anukunanu leda mark iv better ah ani plese suggs me bhya

  5. Panasonic video camera using gurech Chapadi anna

  6. Panasonic video camera how to making to photo studio

  7. Can I have a vedio of getting a sharper photos while taking group photos……… With canon budget cams………

  8. hi bro…Thank you for this tutorials… it's very helpful and realistic… pleas upload more tutorials… I'm waiting for Tutorial No. 4…

  9. annaya nikon 7200 tho candiy photografy chiya galma mariu e ronudu cemara lo edi best d7200 and 5600

  10. next tutorial boss plzzzzzzz

  11. I don't know about photography Anna. I don't know who ask some question or droughts but not yet. Thanks

  12. very valuable tips thank you sir

  13. hi..annayya. nenu camera thisukundam ani anukuntunnanu…phtography and
    short films tiyadaniki but nadaggar manchi camera konukune antha amount
    ledu. na daggara unna amount jest 36000 undi. e amont lo best camera edo
    cheppadi pls. canon ro nikon lone cheppandi annayya

  14. very nice bro…………………………

  15. thank you, giving very good basic technic.

  16. hi…. where is next tutorial sir? Pls post more tutorials

  17. ThanQ బ్రదర్… నాకు ఒక కొత్త టిప్ చెప్పినందుకు… మీ టిప్ నాకు చాల యూస్ అవుతుంది

  18. haiiii sir ur classes are really gud …. thank u . Can i start wit a basic camera and den can i add lens to dat

  19. sir what about cut ligh photography

  20. Nice explanation.valuabletips.tqsir!

  21. Very helpful tips.. Thank you for the simplified explanation.

  22. simple to understand superb xplanation waiting for next tutorial

  23. sir nice and useful tutoria but no tutorials last few month waitng for ur tips video.and meru eppudu class's yekkada tesukuntunaru i want to join your class's plz dayachesi teliya cheyagalaru my no 9014379945

  24. tq sir, tis is so valuble for me

  25. ur busy but we are waiting for next tutorial pleeeeeeese

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