Photography Tips – Shooting in Low Light Indoors 📷 DIY in 5 Ep 40


  1. Get a fast lens. You can get cheap second hand lenses from film cameras and use an adapter.

  2. Use a smaller f-number or use a flash

  3. I held my camera the wrong way for 5 years !!! I wish I knew how to hold it sooner !

  4. Trisha looks like a hot teacher. Great video btw !

  5. Don't have a 2.8 len. or faster len. Money is short.

  6. great, quick helpful tips – thank you!

  7. Hai mam which is the best android photo editor
    .i am using sony a5100 .usually i take jpeg pic not RAW

  8. What about Auto-ISO in Low Light, pros & cons please??

  9. is F1.8 really important?

  10. Is that Zerkaa's Illuminate on necklace?

    (this is just a joke by the way, relax)

  11. Can you guys make a video on useful camera gadgets

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