Photography Tips: Long Lens Landscape Photography


  1. Great video. You put things in such simple terms that even I can understand them. Also, what a great location!

  2. Another great video Mike! I have just purchase a used canon 70-200mm f4 lens so the tips you gave on using a long lens for landscapes will help me immensely. Love your videos, keep up the great work!

  3. Great photos, my favourite was at 4.20
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  4. The only person show that…

  5. You really surprise me mike as i would not use a wide angle either for landscape i prefer a telephoto as its more creative

  6. Mike, you are the best teacher on YouTube! A true savant

  7. How do you manage to get so much depth of colour i.e. intensity and vinrancy of colour ??

  8. I love all your videos, thanks so much 👌🏻

  9. As always, great video. Was out shooting today trying to use some of the thoughts here

  10. Just found your channel. Like it.

  11. lol 🙂 informative!

  12. Just found your channel and really enjoying all your videos. This one hits home because I just did a road trip through southwestern US (Death Valley etc) and all I had was a telephoto lens (55-300 on a crop sensor). I also had an iPhone, but it was an interesting challenge to get landscape shots (and even close shots like flowers) with the telephoto. Treat the landscape like a person, and it becomes more intimate…

  13. I love both photos. I would honestly love to one of them on my wall!

  14. Love it. I'm so used to shooting with my wide angle's. I just picked up my first telephoto and its so fun experimenting and trying new things.

  15. What is your Facebook page called please? And thanks for the videos here!

  16. I really like how you present and explaning Photography in your vids. clearly and understanding. thumps up

  17. Fantastic tips exactly what I was looking for!

  18. I really like Mike's work and I was ever so excited when I was on my way to the UK from Australia and thought I would contact him to ask if he would meet me at a pub for a drink and maybe have a chat about photography. I was then very disappointed when he returned my emails saying if I'd like to book a course or a meeting with him he might be able to catch up,…. meaning,… I needed to pay to say hello from the other side of the world. I felt so naive when I got the email, only then,.. yes then did i realise that all Mike was interested in was me paying him money just to connect on a personal level with someone that had been following him for such a long time over the internet from the other side of the world! Don't get me wrong I have no problem in people making a living from doing what they do, however, I had watched a load of his vids, commented and gave great feedback. I contributed to his numbers on YouTube so in a way I was contributing to his success in making money if any from his channel. I consequently unsubscribed, sorry Mike, and today I only came here as he popped up in my Facebook feed. Shame on me,… Shame on him more so for putting money ahead of person to person contact!

  19. Nice piece of work. Subbed and liked. Recently did an overnight camp at Arms Tor on Dartmoor and took some nice shots that you can see at the end of the video if you are interested:

  20. Taking photos with the boat smack dab in the middle just isn't good composition.

  21. 2:26 "we have front to back sharpness" no you have sharpness in the front, the background is very blurry lol. Someone needs a DOF chart.

  22. I can't believe nobody's ever told me that the shutter speed needs to be higher than the focal lenght. Saw that in a previous video of yours so thank you for that. 🙂

  23. Fabulous tutorial. Thank you Mike for inspiration, you are magnificent photographer and gifted teacher. Regards from Canada.

  24. Hi Mike completely agree that a long lens does make for a good composition on a landscape and you illustrated a good example here.

    Thank you.

  25. For the original twigs it's 'Like', for the new twigs is 'dislike'. The original ones were all on a single branch that sort of explained them being there, with the new ones it's just random twigs coming from nowhere.

  26. Too bad that your videos are not in German

  27. Thank you Mike very very helpful I found you through Iris Masters I'm adding you to my list of favorite instructors!

  28. Hey curious as to how come your background was soft even on the 24mm shot of the boat and mtns? was it because you focused on the boat. or did you just not use a hyper focal distance on your wide angle landscape shot??

  29. I really loved your shots!! thanks for the video 🙂

  30. Thanks Mike. I was out doing landscapes with my 300mm F4/D750 yesterday and I got some nice results. I should have watched this first though.

  31. Thanks Mike. I really enjoy your videos, you're a lot of fun and can explain important things really well. I'm still thinking about the short/long lens demo you did with the standing stones 🙂

  32. I like your videos. You don't talk to us like we're idiots and you respect the fact that everybody's idea of a good photo is different.

  33. Your photos are gorgeous!! As per usual 🙂

  34. Mike It be an honor to be your apprentice great work

  35. Nice, thanks. I know it was a tutorial, but the best shot for me was the video at the end, just to the right of where you were…

  36. Hi Mike,

    Longtime fan here. Thanks for another great video. One thing I didn't notice you mention was the effect compression gives to a shot taken at a longer focal length (bringing the background "closer"). Is this not a consideration for you or was it just too obvious a detail for your audience? I'm a longtime hobby photographer and always trying to learn.

  37. while the four shots are beautiful the one shot with the long lens at 105mm is just phenomenal!

  38. Thanks for the video 🙂 at the moment I only have one lens my 55-300mm because I droped my wide lens on a rock but I mainly take landscape so I am learning to deal with that. I enjoy the challenges it brings 🙂 check out my instagram @peturlamb any feed appreciated!

  39. greta video, but the first photo didn't seem like f16

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