Photography Tips – How to Take Better Travel Photos!


  1. Great tips! So helpful ❤️❤️👌🏾

  2. Great tips…thanks so much…

  3. How do u make money to be able to travel constantly?

  4. Great tips! Guess I have been doing something right all the time, taking photos from weird angles and somewhat too close…

  5. Absolutely love this video, so very helpful. THANK YOU!

  6. This was awsome! Exactly the approach of explaining I was looking for, to just see how a photographer's mind works, not just listen to him but also see his words in action. Great job, thanks! 🙂 ohh and we're also a couple that is traveling so check us out if you want 🙂 we're not as big as you but hoping to get there 😀

  7. Thanks, very helpful. 🐠

  8. Hey there, thanks for the tips!
    I'd add that if you are using a DSLR, learn to use M-Mode. That way you have full controll over all parameters. Works best with a tripod.

  9. good tips and the video! 👌

  10. Are you using the same camera to take the photos and record the vlog?

  11. Thanks for the trips! You guys are amazing!

  12. Loved the tips guys!! They're really helpful!

  13. Great tips. I'll try these on my next trip

  14. Which camera are you using for your photos? Thanks.

  15. great tips pals! Im gonna use them on my next adventure!

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