Photography Tips for Wedding and Events


  1. If I’m paying for a wedding and I ask to meet with you without my bride and you refuse, I would fire you and demand a refund or take legal actions against you. How do you know I’m not planning a surprise for her or for us? This is horrible advice to give to a beginner. In business, you always lead a conversation questions and collaborate with your support system to arrive at multiple solutions. Sorry but thumbs down.

  2. Thank you Jessica! You’re very informative and to the point! Great advices!

  3. Thank you Ms. Jessica, this is very helpful.

  4. Beautiful images thank you for the video!

  5. I was confused when she said never say no when they ask for you to take photos. Like when they ask you to take a picture of them on their phone or you camera lol

  6. Thanks for these great tips Jessica!

  7. This is a great guide for a beginner or expert compositor. It starts off with the basics of extraction and how to shoot your subject and takes you all the way through creating wonderful composites for an array of different projects. It helped a great deal with my
    learning curve for composting pictures. This learning by doing method gave me
    the confidence to take on more complex projects and was very fun to do.

  8. I loved your joke of the chickens 😂 thank you for sharing your knowledge in this video! It has been really helpful! Greetings from Mexico (:

  9. Nice Tips Jessica. Very beneficial for the photographers who are new in this field.

  10. i laughed at your joke.. just so you know ;))

  11. I also love chicken!
    Great advice Jessica, you're pretty cool!

  12. Your editing is so nice

  13. Just saw your photos and website. I love them. Thanks for this video!

  14. thank you! thank you! thank you!

  15. how you shoot night events? do you use flash ?

  16. Lol @ the guy that pinched your cheek. Don't know why that was hilarious. Anyhow, thanks for the advice. I was doing around %85 of the points you covered! Keep the videos coming! You're so much help! 😍

  17. how do your contracts work? I'm new to the business side of photography/videography but i don't really know much about contracting

  18. I don't care about taking the photo but where do you send them off? It's seems extreme to be sending them off and editing them for each and every individual person or family who asks. It seems like it makes sense to take the photo and have those be included in the batch that i send to the bride and groom. Is that what you do? Maybe that's a stupid question but just curious.

  19. What type of lens did you use for this event? Btw your pictures came out beautiful!

  20. Great advice Jess. Question: I know you use the 35mm and 50mm canon. But what do you use when you can't get up close to your subject? Ex. Church altar stage etc. love the videos

  21. These are great tips, but I wish you had spoken a little more on the lighting issues. I know it's so important to get exposure right, so how do you ensure your lighting is right? Do you use external flashes and if so, how many do you use?

  22. Would you be able to do a video that really gets into posing? Like tips for the photographer, and how we can communicate what we want to the model?

  23. Have my babies Jessica 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻😎X

  24. You should make a session with the little girl. She's adorable 🙂

  25. Yes! I've had so many experience where my clients family annoyed me but I didn't let it show and everyone was so happy and sharing my photos all over Facebook

  26. Hey Jessica, Do you typically take along an assistant?

  27. Let's talk about those indoor/dreamy photos you showed in the beginning! Any tips for indoor photography at night time? Flash or no flash, recommended Iso settings?

  28. Wonderful Video! These tips are truly helpful

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  30. Very good tips Jessica. Thank you for your thoughts

  31. What do you do when the Lightning gets really bad? Do you use flash ?

  32. im so glad you make helpful tip videos, they help me a lot, thanks 😊

  33. If you shooting engagement through sunset and they're 2h late you have to reschedule for another day. Better to warn in advance

  34. +Jessica Kobeissi great video! Who was the little girl at the end? She is so adorable! 🙂

  35. Unrelated, but do "people" sneak into Cranbrook when no one's around or is there some kind of permit that you can get for a person and 2 peeps.

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