Photography Tips for Photo Shoots


  1. when you start changing your lens?

  2. I cringed when she threw the lens in the bag without a cap lol

  3. What kind of camera did you record this one?

  4. I just watched cuz there was a milf

  5. i can join with you. becoz iam a photographer but not better than you.soo i gotta more experience.

  6. jasmine star u r the great photographer

  7. I really can't concentrate here.

  8. some 1 gives me gift 50mm lens canon 🙁

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  10. Very hard to find good work. Very nice, very professional.

  11. Those photos are stunning! Amazing tips.

  12. i need a 85mm 1.2 in my life.

  13. Could add a huge one to this, carry 2 cameras, with a different lens on each. One fails, your day is over, never do a wedding with 1 camera, charge your batteries the day of in the morning, carry lots of spares, I have 6 for 2 cameras. Shoot the one with a 24 – 70 and the other with a 70 – 200, and have a 18 – 35 . Yes you can use singles like a 30,50, etc etc, but if you spend a few $ you can get 2.8's and 1.8's in variable focal length. A bit more costly, but, you can miss shots having to change your lens all the time if you want to go from wide to super close up for a specific moment.

  14. guardate tus consejos, no valen para nada

  15. Where did you get your bag?

  16. LOVE THIS! Thank you so so much!

  17. Thank you Jasmine! Great tips! 

  18. YES! natural reflectors all the way!! love that Jasmine said that!

  19. I guess when you're making huge money, you can throw your lenses in a bag without the caps.  Nice!

  20. i want a behind the scenes of you in the shower

  21. Okay thanks.. but what do you do if your camera is not DSLR and a Fujifilm Finepix T500 or similar and needs like a couple seconds to focus each time.

  22. I love the lighting of your photos, what would the best time of the day for shooting? 

  23. this was very good. besides this movie is much more entertaining and much more coaching. you combine perfectly stills and movie.

  24. so when you are shooting u said you use "natural reflectors" but in your case you're always using sun as rim light so how do you deal with shadows ?…nice video tho

  25. Great Tips I really enjoyed it!

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