Photography Tips! Creative Lighting Techniques with the MagMod MagBeam.. #WeLit


  1. Definitely don't need the trigger for the flash. Its built in. One on camera is needed

  2. Yo my brother that MagMog kit is very interesting and because of you I’ll definitely be looking into purchasing this for myself and as always thanks for all your awesome hard work and never stop shooting bro

  3. I love this video its very helpful and active!!

  4. Awesome shooting space ya got there.  I wish I had all that space.

  5. The YN mk4 has a built in trigger no need for the 603 trigger

  6. I subscribed. Thank you, I've been searching for this, I finally understood what this magbeam do.

  7. Great video. very informative and I think I'm getting one

  8. Thank you for taking time for this comparison. Much appreciated.

  9. Thanks for the comparrison shots. very informative.

  10. That MagMog is pretty cool, will need to investigate that a bit more…great video.

  11. My favourite YT vids. Keep it up Ike.

  12. Bro you are hilarious. Good work man…keep those vids coming.

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