Photography Tips and Tricks Shooting boudoir (Facebook Live post)


  1. How many pictures do you normally take in a shoot ?

  2. Vertical video? From a photographer? Oh come on.

  3. great tips! as a video guy tho I gotta tell you, aspect ratio man lol vertical video is for amatures

  4. A little too much dancing on your part…

  5. Hello I'am looking to get into photography my question is for today what computer are you using and software etc….,

  6. These behind the scenes videos are actually really great. As was mentioned though the orientation isn't the most pleasing. 🙂

  7. Enjoyed watching this video, all the fun and laughtes and POW!! Yet still I learned a thing or two about boudoir photography. Thanks

  8. Land scape next time please.

  9. Stopped watching when she said she doesn't use photoshop. Your shots would be 10000x better if you used Photoshop.

  10. Tiffany did an amazing job and I am in love with her personality! I'm sure she can make anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera.

  11. This was so funny and instructive. Thanks for sharing. Vertical shot? – good thing I'm on my phone. Thanks again 👍

  12. lol I'm surprised people are complaining. Thank you so much. I watched the whole thing and I learned a lot! I've been learning a lot from your videos. So glad I found you on Youtube.

  13. This went on for 30 minutes ? I lasted 3…

  14. I like it but who has vertical TV? 😛

  15. This is awesome and actually helped me quite a bit! Thank you!

  16. thanks for the effort and sharing, but vertical video is not the most comfortable thing to watch

  17. Great use of FB Live +Tiffany Burke for your boudoir session. This give those viewers who are interested in doing boudoir but don't really know what goes on in a session. I can see me adding this to my sessions with a client consent. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  18. Why was the whole thing shot vertically? I'm pretty sure FB allows for horizontal video.

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