Photography Tips and Tricks: Natural Light Boudoir with Agostina DiMartino


  1. Her eyes see 35mm view? She should go see an eyedoctor. 🙂

  2. This was such a perfectly filmed/documented behind the scenes!! I love how you explained everything. I am just starting on boudoirs shoots and will use some of this wonderful information.

  3. It's also worth mentioning that you're NEVER supposed to touch a model without their expressed permission

  4. muy bueno el vídeo, me encanto Agostina y su forma de trabajar. excelente su explicación, muy bueno su trabajo. fantastico. la felicito es muy creativas y con una personalidad agradable. genial

  5. Hi Agostina, i really love your Pictures , Videos and all the way you take care of that shooting.
    I have one question , I just wanna know which Mode do you use for your Shoot. Aperture Mode, Manual , … ?? Because you are really spontan when u shot and i didn't just a moment u changed your configuration , naturally if you used the Manual mode . And it's really spontan and we have all the different detail , shadows , highlight, … Amazing !!!

  6. Omg the very end had me crying! So funny!

  7. Great video. Liked the variety of photos you get with one pose. Nice work!!

  8. I loved how simple her setup was and how dramatic her pictures were! I'd just like to know how her "moody" pictures are edited different? It seemed like she just underexposed them but did she do anything else different for those shots? How does she manual focus so fast? there's no way I'd be able to do that!

  9. Loved this!!!! Did you stay wide open the whole time? What metering mode was used?

  10. Seriously enjoyed watching this , you made your subject so at ease. gave a lot of tips . thanks

  11. Every time I saw the photos, I could hear myself go "oooh woowww"… haha! This is an awesome tutorial. Agostina is AMAZING!

  12. i really appreciated her teaching style and willingness to show her tricks of the trade. Seemed very knowledgeable and passionate. Learned a lot.

  13. what was the setup for the prism? awesome photos

  14. it’s not even snowing here and i live in vancouver canada

  15. Hi! I cannot view the links to the photographer's page.

  16. Magnificent tutorial! One of the best on all of YouTube! Thank you!

  17. Definitely make more stuff like this♡♡♡♡

  18. So so helpful thank you x

  19. Amazing BTS. It's so helpful for new photographers to see how to interact with the people they are shooting. Very professional. Everything about this was great.

  20. That photographer is amazing!

  21. Did she change her information?

  22. Just subscribed. Great video.

  23. 23:57 is the best part of the video, lol. Good stuff!

  24. I really enjoy your video and yes make another..

  25. Nice video, luv the back ground music. And I myself enjoy/love shooting with natural light also. I totally agree with her about the different moods you can make with the shadows.

  26. amazing, everyone involved.

  27. I feel scared of this photographer the simple reason that the way she acts and moves reminds me of a girl that would pick on me in elementary and high school lol

  28. An issue that I have many times when shooting this type of photography and that I also identify here is the difference in tone between the skin and the face primer the model uses. Once you edit the picture, it becomes more visible. I have a really hard time trying to bring the two tones together. Other than that, this was a great shoot and the photographer is spot on in terms of communicating with the model.

  29. I would love to see how see edits!

  30. wow you guys rock!!! can you guys let me know the version name of the last song i know is Armando Manzanero cuando estoy contigo buy what version is??? thanks


  32. what settings do you guys normally have the camera at for natural light

  33. The posing directions are really good. I am still trying to work on that, I am nowhere near as assertive as I should be. Maybe I am to self conceous as a male photographer. I end up leaving a lot of the posing to the model. Great video!

  34. Great Job Dimartino / like your studio a lot of windows white walls wood floor, smart set up

  35. This collaboration was a great idea. Agostina's images are wonderful. Ike….. you are a trip. That 2nd to last image was a doozy.

  36. Great poses, bad lighting, avg technique.

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