Photography Rant – Art vs Technical Skill


  1. Its more IT Skills these days. The art is having a good eye seeing a good image or knowing what you want before you shoot.

    The tech comes in the form of post processing and your skills with lightroom, photoshop, hdr and all other software out there which i don't call art but a manipulation of what photography use to be. Personally i don't call bracketing photos and using hdr an art form !! even though i use this technique when all fails.

  2. I totally agree with you that It is art and that's why the only thing my photography is improving is the equipment and my post processing skills. I am not artistic at all. I only copy other people's ideas and try to reproduce their ideas. It has been 3-4 years, since I have developed this hobby but I have failed to develop an "eye".

  3. Do you mind if I ask a stupid question? when planning my landscape shots should I avoid shooting when its very cloudy be it sunrise or sunset as this could limit my options here in the UK.

  4. Help me understand something… aren't all creative endeavors a blend of art and technical skills?  A ballet dancer needs to push past the technical basics to become an artist.  A painter need to know techniques in order to put them together to make art.  So why is photography different?  To some degree I think art is more difficult for a photographer.  A painter, for example, can paint the 'perfect' scene, even from imagination, but a photographer has to wait for that perfect blend of factors to get the 'perfect' photograph.  But, hey… I'm a little grey-haired old lady who thinks the discussion of whether or not photography is art is bit silly.  🙂

  5. Nicely put ,photography to me is an art,only done with a camera not a brush .I think the best thing is that you must really enjoy what your doing,and take all the shots firstly for yourself,as you are the one that will see them as they really are,and just like painting picture not every one will be great .Loving the video's and the shots you end up with,and am so glad you take the time to share them all with us .

  6. The late great Terence Donovan said "Photography isn't art it's a craft" and I agree for the most! What I do have a problem with is photographers who label themselves "Fine Art" surely it's for the viewers to decide whether it's art or not? Just a thought not an argument! 👍🇬🇧

  7. By trade I'm a chef, and I'm qualified to teach it as a trade. So I can teach you the knife drill, how to skin fish, the ingredients for umpteen sauces etc. What I cannot teach is the palate, the balance of ingredients when you want to create a new dish or the execution of your new dish. That is up to you, that is where the artisan part of the chef comes in, it's the passion and the heart of the art. To me it's exactly the same with photography, I can teach you all the rules, thirds, texture, patterns etc but how many Adamses or Muenchs are there in the world? They are only working to the same rules as the rest of us, but there work stands out above anything I could hope for but they are (were) true masters of the ART. I totally agree with you.

  8. Following this train of thought (it's just a technique), Michelangelo was "just" a dope paint technician 😉

  9. It's pretty obvious really, I think the people claiming otherwise don't understand it – or they're just trolling! You only have to look at what goes in to a photograph, you have the idea (the artistic part) & the execution (the technical part). That's simplifying it, but you get the idea that you need a mix of both – or you get pretty bad results.

  10. Definitely an art. I know of a landscape photographer in a local camera club who takes the most incredible shots even though he has the most basic equipment. He seems to see things that very few people see. His artistic abilities are just amazing. Since taking up photography I have not only been learning the technical side but have also been developing the art of story telling.

  11. do u have samples of the canon 400

  12. I don't normally comment on a video upload, but today I feel I have to. I love this channel, its presented well, the thought and warming feeling it gives to a viewer is unique. I personally feel it is an art form, but I also think there has to be a technical aspect to it too. I'm just coming into filmography and photography from radio broadcasting and my mind goes wild with ideas how I can work on a project, but on the other side of the coin, I am learning the technical side of it too. Love the time lapses, keep it up! 🙂

  13. All art needs technical skill, to paint, to sculpt to play music all require skills to be learnt to perfect your "vision". I for one believe that if you don't think there is art to photography and its merely physics and maths you clearly think that about all art. From Beethoven to Bowie, Leonardo to Lowry and Adams to Arbus, all used artistic vision and technical skills.

  14. I agree. The more technique you have, the shorter the distance between your vision and the realisation of that vision. But it's never a substitute of what your eye sees.

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