Photography Quick Tip – How to bounce light with Foam Core – Lighting Techniques


  1. Couldn't put the camera on a tripod while bringing the foam core in for demo or at any other point either!?!?

  2. I really love the homie down to earth stuff like this that anyone can use

  3. How large is the hole and how far away from the model do you position the foam core when you shoot through it?

  4. Your model – she's so beautiful!

  5. great video, when you were outside did you use the flash? I couldn't see any flash.

  6. Excellent video. Your model is gorgeous and she has a great personality.

  7. Hi Davin , interesing videos you got on the a6000 ( opened my eyes to sigma when I saw your sigma 19mm video compared to the kit lens ). I have the sel 35 + 1650 and do mostly portraits, landscapes and still life.  1.) What do you think is the recommended F-number to get a real sharp image for the sel 35 on portraits / and landscapes. 2.) For landscapes ( like a sunset ) , do you recommend the sigma 19mm over the rokinon 12 2.0 in terms of image quality ? 

    Keep up the good videos Davin !

  8. Very informative.  Love the trick of shooting through the foam core.  Could you recommend a speedlight and trigger combo that are compatible with the A6000? 

  9. Holy form core, Batman.

  10. What is this model  0.0

    I like this video  0.0

  11. Thnx I love your tutorials… can u upload some pics to see how the sigma 60mm performs?

  12. Love the foam core board with the hole. Did you use the sigma or sony lens. Which speedlight did you use?
     Jpeg or Raw?

  13. Hi Davin, what trigger did you use in this video?

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