Photography Lighting Setups


  1. Hey Keith, thank you. Your video was so helpful. Clear concise steps. I would love to take shots like that. I am looking into buying a basic softbox kit. I am not sure which I should buy in terms of wattage. Can you advise me please? Thanks so much.

  2. Very cool video. I gained a lot from the use of reflectors and the grid for the back light.

  3. Nice video, easy to understand.  Followed over from Strobist on Flickr…

  4. Outstanding tutorial Keith.  You've explained the process very well. Very easy to digest. Thanks again.

  5. i m waiting for new about the daylight function camera satting

  6. Thanks you Keith Fuller to told me nicely the light satting

  7. very nice images man. followed the link from your flickr

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