Photography for beginners – Shooting spectacular sunsets (DSLR tips & tricks)


  1. Well that was like me saying "When you put on your shoes why not trying tying your shoelaces to keep them on your feet"

  2. Seriously Nikon?? Is this even a Joke?

  3. i suppose this is kind of obvious "scene mode" but i like the example and as a beginner it would be fun to try out… so it also serves as a reminder. tips and tricks 😀

  4. Thanks for your comments (Francisco, Ahmad, HintHintNudgeNudge, and Boieax). These videos ("Photography for Beginners") are meant for those new photographers just picking up their DSLR for the very first time. Please feel free to share your own tips for these beginners in the comments.

  5. Is this the best tip Nikon gives? Use the scene mode? Ridiculous.

  6. ll it to the morons,nikon

  7. "To photograph sunset use the sunset mode? You can also use WB?" OMG, Nikon – put something useful on your YouTube channel, i.e. a Tutorial for your (diabolical) new RAW software, Capture NX-D!

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