Outdoor Flash Photography. Episode 1: The basic settings.


  1. really love the way of teaching, well explained, you makes thing simple

  2. looking forward to the next episode!

  3. Great Video. Hope you will mention next that the Max Sync-speed for most DLSR is shutter speed 1/60 to 1/125. If you set your speed to 1/250 or faster, you'll see a Flash line in your image. Learned it from the master strobist.

  4. Great video. Just got my first decent flash today and was headed to the beach tomorrow so this is some great info!

  5. Actual flash photography:
    Step 1: Hold a camera up to someone as if you're gonna take a picture.
    Step 2: Open your trench coat and show them your junk.
    Step 3: Take a picture as they react.

  6. very well explained! thank you for this!

  7. Greatings from Portugal. Great job.

  8. You guys are always awesome and creative and I am looking forward to more from this outdoor flash series! Many thanks from Kentucky.

  9. Amazing work, looking forward for more lessons :3

  10. Great work, you guys. Always eager to see what you come up with next time. Very good explaining.

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