Milky Way Photography: Lightroom Tutorial – Basic Workflow


  1. I have no idea what you are doing……… Editing seems to be so darned complicated. How do you learn any of this stuff !

  2. If only Lightroom wasn't so expensive.

  3. Close your eyes and he sounds like Casey Niestat

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  5. Remember kids, if it doesn't look or seem real, it isn't.

  6. Interesting. Lots of milky way shots floating around these days. Sorry to see you didn't level the horizon though.

  7. all that editing and you left the crooked horizon?

  8. To stop your monitor flickering on your video, you can change the Hz to whatever FPS your video is being recorded at.
    I think that'll fix it, anyway.

    Thanks for the video, I like the look of the photos.

  9. Can Adobe Photoshop do this too? I don't have Adobe Lightroom installed yet. Thanks!

  10. In my opinion it is overdone … leave it like 3:02 and i think its much more realistic . Just pop the milky way but in a natural way

  11. I actually liked when the people were dark. . .

  12. gross! those photos look so fake. This is a terrible way to do post

  13. Hey there can anyone suggest me a camera for astrophotography…? Keep it cheaper..

  14. There are so many pretentious people in this comment section 😂 great tutorial on how to use Lightroom!

  15. How on Earth did you not notice that horizon?!?

  16. Where's the time lapse link in the description below? None!

  17. this video needs a seizure warning.

  18. how to find the milky way direction. advice me please

  19. Ok, one of us is confused here.. why are you referring to that portion in the sky as the Milky Way? The Milky Way is an entire galaxy.. which we are in.. and would be impossible to photograph. Help me out here.

  20. i prefer ufraw to process astophotograohy raw

  21. Question: Why did you want the milky way to be purple?

  22. Gradient on the people takes away from the photo. Black silhouettes would be much better

  23. so you did not teach any good informations. only bullshit so far omg. this video is for complete beginners only. …. lol

  24. His voice is a little similar to Casey Neistat's

  25. Thank you for this tutorial man, really help me!

  26. All editing up to the min 3:48 is authentic, and is real, Youre just enhancing the best of what a camera can take out of the real world, when shooting RAW files.
    But After that, to me, is shitt.
    Messing with the color gradients and even changing them, sounds like you want to impress some kids with somethig they will never be able to see with their own eyes.

  27. which application use for windows computer for lightroom

  28. real photographs dont use edits

  29. "Just gonna make the Milky Way a bit, pretty purple, because I think that looks cool." -_-

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