Mi A1 : Improve Camera Quality !! 📷


  1. Very helpful for me….I just bought mi a1 and was going through same problem….. Now solved…..thanks a lot…..and keep providing such videos on the problems of different devices also.

  2. Why does this not work on my moto g5 plus?

  3. There is no problem on my mi A1

  4. Hi as far as i have searched all of those XDA guys talk about root so how come you have given just apk & other thing is i found this another video https://youtu.be/dapJ17atZ70
    who has also given snapdragon camer apk link but the thing is both of your apks have different app logo even though names might be same so i am bit confused. can you please help?

  5. Pls give mi this phone xD

  6. hey bro in my unit of mi a1 2x optical zoom is not present bcoz it does not use telephoto lence even in good lighting conditions. pls it cheke it out

  7. Kuch gyan nahi mila..ek video banana hai bolke bana dia

  8. How to shot Portrait kind of shots with SD camera?

  9. Where is the potrait in snapdragon cam

  10. I'm not able to download…bcz there no apk in link

  11. This video was very helpful for me ..thank u soo much for this video .

  12. can i install this on my mi 5x

  13. i am not able to find snapdragoncamera.apk on playstore please help

  14. Is this camera apk suitable for other phones also ?

  15. When i install GCam App in my phone app. goes crashed. Please provide solution for the same

  16. Bhai link bhi de diya kro

  17. Thank you so much sir it really help a lot

  18. sir MI a1 and g5splus ka overall comparison krke bataye ki kon sa lu please sir aap log se bahut accepectaton rehta hai

  19. How to connect a selfie stick to mi A1 ??

  20. how to download this camera apk…am unable to download this apk via your link given in discription.

  21. The apk is not in drive now

  22. Amazing vedio sir..
    BTW what was the name of song??

  23. Just root it. And instal PORTED google camera of pixel 2.

  24. Please send me apk file on Gmail ravishal61901@gmail.com

  25. How to install snapdragon apk and from where plzzz simplyfy

  26. Camere power A1


  27. How to use potrait mode on snapdragon camera app

  28. I am unable to open it after download

  29. Thank's a lot.
    Very useful information.

  30. Thanks very much for the apps. they will come in handy when my Xiaomi Mi Max 2 arrives.

  31. Use this app any effect d Phn cmera

  32. brother how can I use flash in portrait mode

  33. For stabilizing ur video.. Use Hyperlapse app from Playstore

  34. do i need to root my mi a1 for snapdragon camera app ?

  35. This video is 3 month old.. Is there any updated apk link u can share

  36. Does one need to root their phone to use snapdragon camera?

  37. My mi a1 camera lens got scratched… There is a little glitch on the center of the lens

  38. My mi A1 won't allow me to install it. Install button not working only cancel. Why?

  39. please help me . how to change the colour of flash light

  40. Bro I downloaded it in my mi note 4 but when I take picture it doesn't open in stock gallery app and Google photos.

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