Low to High Quality-Resolution Photo adobe Photoshop cs6 Tutorials By Tips and Graphics


  1. i followed the same steps which was shown in this video but nothing happen. total wastage of time.

  2. Superb but the BGM may be melody

  3. This video is junk, sry dude try harder. BTW the music is horrible!

  4. The Guassian Blur application was actually a backward step and totally wrong!

  5. This is rather annoying. Don't like the music or lack of explanation.

  6. the only thing did u have to work on it's the video quality my eyes are in fire

  7. what is the selection tool + and _. I tried Marque tool . Couldn't do it. Please help

  8. Nice
    Those Photoshop CCs are not available to download from this link right now (317 MB)

  9. screen shot photo VA nalla quality kondu vara mudiyuma??

  10. This is absolutely NOT the way to get it done. Horrible technique – major failure. you never apply gaussian blur to improve resolution. SMH. There is a definite limit to how high an image can go. There are two important parameters: one is DPI and the other is image size. TWICE the size will yield moderately satisfactory results. The larger the image the better the chance for OK result. Just adjusting an image from 72 to 300 dpi is more than 3x the size and will NEVER yield good results without adjusting the size of the image (total number of pixels) as well.

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  12. Love the tutorial with the music. Awesome!

  13. yaar bhai koi tareeka nikalo jiss se likh k smjha sako… aik video thi usmain annotations se smjhaya tha woh tareeka try kro

  14. photo print k bad blur q Marta h

  15. I cannot find pixel dimension column in image size option. Can you help me to find it? I use photoshop CC 2015.

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