Long Exposure Photography for Beginners


  1. You said exposure is the same thing as shutter speed, but it's not cause aperture and ISO also factor into exposure

  2. Great vid , love your stuff , but thank god for the speed control on You tube. 0.75 is sooo mucchhh easiierrrrr lol

  3. Ive watched at least 7 videos and all of them have been very helpful just when i go tot take the picture it only take one picture it doesn't take the picture for 30 seconds or 5 or whatever setting i have it on ive tried evrything.

  4. My camera goes up to 30 seconds and then says bulb as the last option. Is there a way to go longer?

  5. Dude.
    Solid video.
    Two thumbs up.

  6. Brilliant explanation…but talk slowly please 😂😂

  7. What's the best lense to use for these photos?

  8. I really like the detail here! Yes, it would be nice to see the editing process as well!

  9. Dude thank you so much, these videos have already helped me so much.

  10. Camera support only max 30-second shutter speed then what is the trick to take shoot more than 30 seconds to few minutes. Please explain or make a video on youtube?

  11. You have a great tutorial but you spoke way too fast. I'm new to photography and had to listen several times.

  12. you are very good at explaining! Amazing video, thank you

  13. Josh you speak to fast man , take a slow ,. thank for the lesson , i learn so much

  14. thank you for your video. I came here to get a better idea of shooting in low light and you gave me the exact sense of that. !

  15. Jesus, looks pretty dope 😉

  16. Awesome explanation bro

  17. Thank you sooo much! I'm a complete beginner and this tutorial was so helpful and easy to follow.

  18. Wow it's amazing. long exposure flash is on?

  19. I really like your approach of explaining photograhy.

  20. Fantastic tutorial. Thank you!

  21. Your work and tutorials are great. Straight, quick and clearly to the point thanks for sharing and I will support your work about to hit your online store as we speak.

  22. Thank you like the way you explained it fast and clear

  23. Are you in a hurry? How can a beginner understand what you're saying? holy mother of a cow!

  24. Great tutorial, Josh. My only suggestion: speak a just little bit slower.

  25. here is some of my slow shutter photos. alot of them are daytime shots. peace. great video. i need to do some photo videos.

  26. I came to this video wanting to know how to do long exposure stuff but not fully understanding iso, aperture, and shutter speed. Guess wat i learned. Thanks😂

  27. First time i really understood wht the photographer tutorial is trying to say…

  28. It’s so great to see someone your age doing this

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