Landscape Photo Tutorial: Basic Lightroom and Photoshop Workflow


  1. I need your email….Can u give me that!

  2. OK for absolute beginners. There you go, I've said something positive about this. ✌

  3. Sir Ur tutorial is best…helps me alot .thnku so much ..plz make one tutorial on portraits photography editing with some normal picture so we can understand properly 😊

  4. Thanks for teaching me.. how don't be bad in lightroom !!

  5. OMG i just stop after few mint ….. this most bad bad video i have ever seen on Lightroom

  6. Hi.
    Thanks for your video.
    Photoshop works interesting on photos.
    How can I apply filter on a video?
    Do we have any aplication for video?

  7. Its so laughable that people like Ansel Adams went out and carried around massive amounts of primitive photographic equipment to captures photos when the lighting was absolutely perfect and incredibly dramatic.

    Now, thankfully, we don't have to do that. Why put in the time and energy to capture amazing photos when you can just sit in front of your computer and fake it.

  8. Great work !! Loved it !!

  9. Very good job explaining your work flow. It was a little different from others I've seen, but I always like to learn something new when I watch different approaches to the work flow.  I picked up a couple of different ways to approach my workflow from watching this video so thank you, and keep them coming….

  10. Awesome tutorial mate! Great work with the photo!

  11. Why y'all hating? People that love that fantasy majestic look will appreciate this so much. His techniques are great. I'm a photographer and I tend to try different styles on my photo

  12. Thanks, that helped me get a good basic understanding of how to use Lightroom.

  13. you had me until you added the hiker, other then that, beautiful job, quick and to the point

  14. This is great. very helpful to beginners like me. Can you do a tutorial to teach us how to edit like a Nona Limmen.

  15. That was a good learning tip. Would like you to show more detail when you used photo shop.

  16. I just have to give props for showing us the finished product up front. I wish more tutorials did that. Everything else is awesome too.

  17. From a photographer's POV I would have to remove what I think may be one of them mountain chairs. That black splodge slap bang in the middle of the image. Most distracting.

  18. youtube please stop suggesting this guys stuff his taste is as basic as every bitch on instagram

  19. Unfortunately when a photo is way too underexposed like the one in the video, decreasing the shadows results in cartoonish colours. Even if you shoot in raw.

  20. Wow that sensor is filthy

  21. Francesco should clean his camera btw

  22. This tutorial completely changed my life! Thank you so much! I did not know the power of the brush until I watched this video! thank you!

  23. I thought the photo added some sort of surreal look to it. people here are just retarded imo

  24. Great work! Thanks for the tips. Once one goes this cinematic it's OK to depart from natural.

  25. I have been into photography for quite some time now, and I began to wonder why everyone else's photos came out so surrealistic. That was before I realized photography is fake, lol. People edit their photos far too much! It looks cool and all, but too unrealistic.

  26. I like it! :)… I like this kind of "dreamy" look 😉

  27. What a load of douchbags being critical, if you think the original image was better regardless of the saturated effects then maybe you stick to crayons. The dude is showing a workflow and how to use LIGHTROOM tools. Some people…

  28. It was ok tutorial, not my taste but good tutorial of the tools in LR, until you put the hiker in place, it makes the whole thing fake an unnecessary. so in the future when I see your work I will think it is not real, just pieces put it together.

  29. 4:20 mark is when it became over the top for me

  30. Another great video! Thanks for taking the time to make this man, loving your guys work!

  31. I'm new to Lightroom, and this was the coolest video I've watched yet. Thank you so much.

  32. He forgot to mention he has never used lightroom before and is legally blind 👉

  33. you're a fucked up photographer… stop this horse shit

  34. At first, I thought it was a photomanipulation, cuz there's no way to you can bring so much detail at good quality, even from RAWs.. But I was wrong. Overall, very good tutorial, it's inspiring. I will do such, soon! Thanks.

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