iPhone 7 Camera Guide – 20 Tips, Tricks and Settings


  1. Im getting a iphone 7 tommar

  2. helllo from Greece nice video 🙂

  3. How to stop flipping selfie

  4. Ho the heck doesn’t know this!

  5. How to Shoot on iPhone – 5 iPhone Photography Tips For Best Quality Videos and Photos

  6. How much space a photo of i phone requires

  7. #12 has now been updated and now you can select which part of the video you see as the pic. this is painful when transferring to a computer as it comes up as a video not a pic

  8. my new iphone7 camera is not working ?? 😢😢plz give me some solution

  9. Hi! I am having a problem with the colors turning out right in my photos. I am trying to photograph a greenish turquoise top and skirt but no matter what I do the camera makes them look blue instead of green. I even use the filter thing and choose one but none of them are right. Everyone else just points and shoots and get food pics. Why does green always photograph as blue and my blues as purple?

  10. I'll just switch to android

  11. How to do set mirror mode in iphone camera?

  12. #20 is such a good app. I loved it.

  13. How do you, make your camera quality clear?

  14. That was so helpful thank you

  15. Any scratches on your screen guard

  16. why is 3D touch not working on my ios10.2.1?? whenever I forced touch Icons, it puts on to be deleted? Please help

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