In Camera Metering Modes in Photography | Learn Photography Tips & Tricks | Episode 11


  1. I am grateful to you. You are born a superb teacher

  2. helped me lot…metering mode is always confusing for me

  3. Your Voice Is Very Good.

  4. The best metering video i have ever seen !!

  5. this video was really good

  6. this video was really good

  7. You really make the best tutorials for very details of camera settings. Before this, I didn't take care of a lot of functions that seems to be very important to improve the quality. thanks a lot.

  8. I'm 16. I don't know anything about a 📷. I watched all your videos and gained more knowledge. I want to become a cinematographer. Will these videos be useful for me in the future? And what else can I do to improve myself?
    Thank so much sir you gave me a way good piece of knowledge… Thank u!!!

  9. Sir please tell about RAW images

  10. How to photo shoot sun and moon

  11. All the videos r very nice for beginners and also for professionals… All videos r really very helpful.. Thanks sir, for sharing with us… Sir, I want to know one thing, can we shoot wedding video with blurry background by using any DSLR Camera?..

  12. Wow. Your videos are very helpful. The best part is you are giving us with an example and the neutral accent help us listen for long time. Thank you sooooo much for your videos. Please keep up the work. You are helping us grow. Thank you.

  13. Like led this tutorial and easy way it's expressed. By the way you have a great voice for narration.

  14. superb voice and explanation.

  15. God bless you man, I've been surfing the YT for months and no one has given such an easy understandable info..

  16. sir ji tusie great ho……. GMAX STUDIOS IS BEST

  17. this is seriously useful information…i did some testing with metering mode and after some tuning i got nice results

  18. Hello Sir, Never used metering and exposure compensation as i am using full manual mode but on the other hand it was a good lesson. I believe these features will be more useful for indoor or shady areas.

  19. Awesome video thank you sir

  20. sir micro photography pr vdo bnyo

  21. aapki video deekh kr he mne dslr seekha h ,thank you aapki tips nd trick k ley

  22. Thanks very much Sir! Superb..

  23. Gorky sir, the best Teacher.

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