Hyperlapse Tutorial – How-to from start to finish


  1. Hei Morten!
    Takk for fine videoer! kommenterer på denne så skjønner du sikkert hvor jeg er fra 😉

    Igår var jeg ute å prøvde meg på bilder til en hyperlapse for første gang!
    Da fikk jeg enda mer respekt for kvaliteten du får på dine time/hyperlapser!
    Så tidkrevende og ikke minst så mange detaljer som skal stemme.
    Takk igjen 🙂
    Si ifra hvis du er i byen igjen en annen gang .. .:D

  2. Hi guys! Could you check our hyperlapse on our channel and let us know what you think? THANKS!!!! =)

  3. Great video! What's the music you've used in the background? I like it!

  4. I watched a couple hyperlapse tutorials and yours is the best. Very clear tips. Thanks very much!

  5. Great tutorial!
    One question… during the edit in "after effects" I noticed you said to choose the first image of the sequence and apply "warp stabilization"… did you take all the 200 images and did the same? I didnt quite get how you manage to comprise all the images together… thanks!

  6. What distance between shots ?

  7. Is it possible to do a hyperlapse with video footage as opposed to taking a whole sequence of photos?

  8. just wondering…if you used a good stabilizer and had time lapse mode on, would it be the same concept since it is taking a picture every second while moving the camera?

  9. I didnt know you'd been to Essex university UK man? xD thats my uni, this is cool XD

  10. can someone help me with the resolution to export from lightroom? what should i use? 300ppi? i saw on the video it shows 240dpi?

  11. Waw i have visited your web ….. amazing clips .. 10*

  12. Hey great video!
    One thing i don't understand is the focus. I've seen in your metadata in Lightroom that you shoot with f4.0. The focus point changes every time you move the camera right? So you need to refocus every time? Am I right?

  13. amazing video, have you done a day to night hyperlapse?

  14. Great video <3 Thanks for uploading 🙂

  15. I have a video camera that has a time lapse option. It auto takes 1 image per whatever seconds I choose. Do you think this would work using the same method? Once I turn off the recording, it turns all shots into a video automatically.

  16. Thanks for the information. . . The HyperLapse stuff is a blast, and am working on my first one now. . . Your info helped answer some of the questions I had. Thanks.

  17. +Rustad Media how do you exactly do the framing? because when the tripod is moved, your point of view is also moved. and moving at a very long line somehow changes the angle of the camera and that messes up the whole thing. any help please?

  18. Question….  Why do you bring it into Final Cut?  Why not render it directly out of AE?  Just curious to hear your reason.  Many thanks again.  This is a great video that I am going to try on my next TL. 

  19. Dude, you are awesome!!!  Thanks for all the great info.  I look forward to more of your TLs.

  20. You can avoid putting your footage through final cut at the end by just changing your camera aspect ratio to 16:9. This way you can frame your shots for a 16:9 output and avoid exporting twice which will ultimately degrade the quality.
    Just for next time 😉

  21. Thank you for this tutorial !! Time to go get some hyperlapses .. 

  22. With the iOS app hyperlapse why isn't there an OS X app that can process and stabilize a video like that

  23. Why haven't u made hyperlapse videos I saw your time lapse ones but why don't u upload some of your hyperlapse videos

  24. thanks for sharing! Next time maybe more details on the preproduction period? Subscribed

  25. And for making a 2 minutes video how many shots in needed ?

  26. Nice video 🙂 just a question, one shot = one move ? so in your example you had to move the camera 120 times ? 🙂 

  27. on a windows computer, what type of export do i use for sony vegas?

  28. Just a question….120 photos / 24 FPS = only 5 seconds??

  29. whats the song at the end? sounds awesome

  30. Saroja documemtry, how boring.

  31. 4:40 Hyperlapse inception,
    A Hyperlapse of himself making a Hyperlapse

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