How to Take Epic Ring Light Portraits: Portrait Photography


  1. Is it me or do these look underexposed and dark. Do you do it on purpose so you can go light in post? I know some people dont shoot for raw, they shoot for post so they go a step light or dark depending on their software.

  2. Great results! Can you please share a link to the light and the diffuser?

  3. Do you have a link to the ring diffuser? Or even just the model number?

    All the ones I'm finding look too large to carry around like you are using.

  4. Just ordered one of these so it's interesting to see what others are doing with it. Have you tried shooting with the model right up against a backdrop? It will give you some really good shadow. Textured or reflective surfaces seem to work well.

  5. Very cool. Great shots of a very pretty friend/model. Thanks!

  6. Looks like I need a ring flash. Gonna take practice combining it with film.

  7. Been considering getting one of these but the LED ones..after watching your video I think I'm sold on these. Thanks for posting! Subscribed.

  8. Good work!
    May I know the lens you used for this?

  9. freedom has never looked so good… 😉

  10. record the video in manual to prevent flickering

  11. Where did you get that modifier? Great video, enjoy watching.

  12. where did u buy this ring lights? love your tutorials

  13. Good start nice communication with model. Subscribed.

  14. Liked it, very much so. Audio was a little bit meh, but manageable, maybe next time you could do like before and after photos 🙂

  15. i hear that yongnuo flash sound

  16. Very helpful my dude! Keep it up.

  17. Tell me what you think! This is kind of a BETA-video. Trying to see what you'd prefer to see aesthetically, how you're liking it. Comments, questions, critiques are all very well wanted!

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