How to Predict and Photograph the Perfect Moonrise | Moon Photography Tips


  1. the apps sound helpful,
    then you said, there's almost always something else to photograph "…some beautiful sunrise, when you meant to get a sunset or a sunset when you were really hoping for a good sunrise?" whoa, I hope you don't go out for a sunrise and you get a sunset instead, that would really throw your schedule off for the day, right? ha ha! your brain must have been on auto focus!
    landscape photographers (and everyone else) DO know this, that the full moon rises as the sun is setting and the moon sets when the sun is rising — that's why the moon is full — they (the lit orbs) are on opposite sides of the earth.

  2. Thanks for posting this. A lot of great information!

  3. where can i find that background music?

  4. Good information, take notes when you watch!

  5. Very useful and inspiring, thank you!

  6. Way too much information in a single short video might have to watch it 2-3 times :-P…. Bad Jokes apart.. Thank you! Great work guys every video you upload has something new for me to learn… Keep it up!

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