How to Get the Perfect Instagram! 10 Aesthetic Instagram Photo Ideas!


  1. Merry Christmas Eve! 🎄❤️ I’m sad to announce that I won’t be posting my annual “What I Got for Christmas” video this year. My grandad passed away unexpectedly yesterday, so my family and I are going through a very difficult time. Please cherish your family time this Christmas. I love you all & happy holidays! xx

  2. I was in the exact same place as u just a week before😂

  3. I actually love this video!!! You should do more videos just like this one where you go a bunch of places I’d definitely watch

  4. What happens if you live in Australia 😂

  5. omg you make me want to go to universallllllllllll i’m going in may

  6. Hey, whoever is reading this… you are amazing!!!! Hope ur having a good day🍀 -small youtube❤️

  7. I would take a pic of that . Pause at 2:02

  8. this is so perfect for me because I'm going to universal studios in Singapore soon! woooo thank youuuuu <3

  9. i got a custom harry potter cat shirt if you want to get it go to turtle tee

  10. this is just fucking sad.

  11. I love your videos! what editing app do you use?

  12. Is it just me or did Mel's diner give you riverdale vibes?

  13. Can u plz do a reacting to old videos!!!!!!❤️

  14. Hi Emma my name is Aisling I'm wondering if you could have a meet and greet in Dublin I love you I'm sorry I your grandfather died

  15. You should do a makeup tutorial video.

  16. mels though! fave diner, went after every high school dance in california! that milkshake looks bomb!

  17. love love loveeee the video..

  18. What is the name of the program you are producing?

  19. Do pretzels with Nutella it's the best taste please

  20. Someone please answer is sis vs bro//karina and Ronald her siblings

  21. How do you edit your photos?? What apps do you use?? X

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