How To Do Macro Photography On A Budget | Tutorial For Beginners


  1. Equipment used in the video:
    Camera (Canon 600d in video no longer made) :
    Extension tubes :
    Flash :

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  3. Adam .. Nice video. You may want to look at this video and use in in your Macro imaging. It is called Focus Stacking Photography Tutorial: How To Get Entire Photo In Sharp Focus For Max Depth Of Field   This is the link….   This will get your images to a HIGHER Level 🙂  You also may want to use a low tripod with a rail on it to move camera in and out as you take picture front to back of your subject to get full range of depth of field for stacking.

  4. You lost me at the camera

  5. Those extension tubes do keep the auto focus and IS of the lens.

  6. Great tutorial. Subscribed! Love it. By the way, what would you recommend for a Nikon D5500 lens use for both Portraiture and close up (macro) shoot (photography and videography)? is there a lens that suit both scenario for my camera? also for the macro extension tube, what would you recommend for my Nikon D5500? Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi Adam, great video!
    You made a point of turning off the stabilisation on the kit lens. Why was that?

  8. Nice! I'm using the Canon 70d with 100mm, i got some good shots, look it at instagram @hassessian

  9. I would just buy the soft box off eBay since you will be getting the flash off of eBay and it is only $1-$3 so it is cheap. It is also smaller and more compact so that is a bonus, plus no work if you are not very good at that kind of stuff.

  10. Loved the video. A true shoestring setup! It would be interesting to see your ideas for a cheap and easy beauty ring or soft box.

  11. Andy, great video. I am just starting out, I would like to print my macro shots up to size A1. I don't want to spend a fortune. What would you recommend?

  12. Which one is better ring light or flash(speedlight) for macro

  13. Better with mirrowless with focus peaking

  14. Some nice pics there Adam 👌

  15. So your setup costs $200+.
    My setup (superzoom with +10 close up lens and diy diffusor- plastic bottle) costs $25 and works better. Why? – because of small "1/2.3 sensor. F8 on that small sensor is equal to F35+ on 1.5-crop DSLR, resulting in huge DOF and no need of focus stacking. Btw, you CAN`T do focus stacking on small livings like ants, bees, etc.

  16. Hi I have nikon d750 FX format camera. Will extension tube work with the kit lens(AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm ) i got with it? And if so which is the best brand?

  17. good video and info maybe could have added reversing ring too, its a great cheap way to increase magnification.I also find strapping a small torch to the lens helps a lot with focusing.

  18. Great no nonsense video as soon I didn't hear "Hey what's up guys" I knew it was going to be good

  19. Well done Adam. Straight to the point and very effective. Regarding instagram, I don't use anything but Facebook for general posting. Plus I am setting up and Not done yet.

  20. Thank You Sir for teaching this great Technique. U saved a lot of money. Thanks Again. 🙂

  21. A brilliant video showing you don't need expensive gear to get good photos. Wish there were more videos like this.

  22. Ha. I like this guy. Even his Title cards are budget. A freaking index card and a sharpie. Bravo sir.

  23. Can you please provide a link or some other information on the flash and macro tubes you used?

  24. I love this video. It's an actual budget setup! Thank you.

  25. can you show how you made your diffuser?

  26. Bro can i use it with canon 24mm f2.8 lense and my device is canon 700d.

  27. Shame you didnt actually shoot any bugs….

  28. Thanks for putting this out there! I'm going to try making a similar set up. I like the simplicity of your design. Seems less cumbersome than some of the other DIY diffusion set ups I've seen. Cheers!

  29. can i use this with a 50 mm lens

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