How to Create Stunning PowerPoint Zoom Animation


  1. Hello!great Tutorial! I have a question…i have a table on top of the pic, and in my presentation i will fill these tables in…i would like to zoom into the modified presentation…is there a possibility to do this? Thank you!!

  2. Whoaaaa, best tutorial on this matter! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi sir,Can you provide the website for downloading free background music for ppt?

  4. you are great ramgopal ji
    can you provide templates for teaching (educatinal)?

  5. Photos in PNG format is good in making PowerPoint Presentations.

  6. This really is a great tutorial and you are a master presenter!. Unfortunately my circle disappears as the wheel animation happens rather than appearing as you show.

  7. This is exactly what I want in a YouTube presentation! Clear and concise, easy to follow and best of…no unrelated rambling! Thank you for the tutorial, I am now your newest subscriber.

  8. Exactly what I'm looking for, thank you for this tutorial!

  9. Who are the 27 jokers who 'disliked' this video?
    You're amazing, thank you for this video w concise instruction and demonstration! 🙂

  10. Jazakallah all your videos are so helpful…I created all my presentations using your tutorials….May Allah give you hidayah…..

  11. very concise. Many thanks

  12. Thanks so much for this tutorial. The way you teach is also very clear and easy!! 🙂

  13. thanks for sharing such a wonderful zooming process within powerpoint

  14. Thanks, that's really help me to improve my presentation

  15. Great tips. Wish you had created this channel 2 yrs ago. I would have aced my thesis presentation haha. Still helpfull!

  16. This is perfect animation for presentation in history

  17. This is so awesome , Thank you . clear and perfect

  18. bad luck….Japan is hidden by hand lol

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