Got a new Nikon? MORE camera tips for beginners


  1. Good piece, am using a Nikon D40 with a kit lens but whenever I adjust the lens to 55M my photos become blurred. please what do I do

  2. Wht are the best camera settings for low light photography for manual mode??? Whenever I take a photographer under low light even increasing the ISO to max, my photos are under exposed..plz help..

  3. Does nikon d3400 worth to buy it??

  4. nice easy to follow explanations…..well done!!!!

  5. I am studying graphic design, and having a proper camera is essential. I am going to buy the Nikon D3400. Thank you for the tutorial since I am very new to DSLRs.

  6. Hi , thanks for video , but i don't know what to do , should i get a new nikon d3300 or a used nikon d300 ?

  7. Thanks man for the tips how to change Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO in Manual Mode. You made my life easy 🙂

  8. how to adjust auto focus in D3400 ?

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