Galaxy Note 8: Full Camera Tips, Tricks & Features (That No One Will Show You)


  1. You're an excellent teacher. You cover the most salient points of the Note 8. Coming out from years of prepaid LG, and switching to Note8, I find the S Pen and Camera features very intimidating. Your tutorial gave me the most important basics to expand its features on my own. Please don't get tired teaching us low techies. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  2. You are mistaken. The telephoto is only for live focus, not for the 2x optical zoom. it's for primary also. Note 8 holder here.

  3. best note 8 camera video on youtube. thank you

  4. Loved it…..tonns of thanks…….

  5. Why my picture size settings change when I change my camera to full screen?

  6. The speaker belabors his points but does not clearly indicate what button he presses. The video is too dark, I can tell because the keyboard I'm typing on is bright. What I want to know is how to adjust it, like my old S5 in which I could popup the adjustments. I could easily adjust EV, ISO, macro mode, special effects, etc. I am frustrated with the Note 8 camera so far. Sometimes the screen remains dark no matter what i do. Despite having a warranty at BB support is iffy. Digital zoom is a worthless feature. I have decided to ignore Bixby so far. Numerous ads annoy. Front cam, rear cam? Why not big cam, small cam? Confusing. This guy, that guy. Ooh so cool. Beware HDR is not always a a good choice,

  7. Extremely helpful. Thank you.

  8. The live focus is nothing special though, I have the note 8 myself and my older galaxy s6 edge can do the same thing it simply takes a little longer since it's only one camera

  9. watching this on my note 8😙

  10. does the exynos version not have quick launch ??? coz mine doesnt have it.

  11. Does front camera have live focus

  12. Fantastic presentation…

  13. You missed how the SLO MO feature works!?

  14. Hi.. is there any night mode option in note 8.?

  15. Oh and yes thank you so much for this video!

  16. what led me to your video was my frustration with NOT being able to capture a sunset the way I see it or on a 35 & 55mm lens. When I take the picture it looks so far away and not like my eye sees it. I hate how my landscape/sunsets look, what can I do in the manuel settings to make this happen?

  17. I did not see a time and date stamp option for the pictures so we know 10 years from now when it was taken

  18. I don't have the shutter sound option on mine? Why not

  19. Love this tips and instructions on Camera usage.

  20. thats superb thanks for this…u invested ur time on Worlds best smartphone…keep making we are here to support u brother from india.

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